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23rd July 2018

APC Consultation No 2 as President Koroma Romances Flag bearers

By a press release (03/10/17)

In the second APC consultative meeting, President Ernest Koroma romances with flag bearer aspirants and advised them to put unity first.  


Reports say the Chairman and Leader of the All People's Congress (APC) President Ernest Bai Koroma has continued his consultations with all 18 flag bearer aspirants who are gearing up to succeed him. (Photo: President Koroma recently invites APC flag bearers at the Presidential Lodge).

During the meeting at his Hill Station Lodge in the evening of Thursday 28 September, the APC Chairman and Leader called on all aspirants to work together to secure victory for the APC in the March 2018 general elections.

The APC party has a unique way to elect or select their flag bearers hitherto unheard of in other political parties. The almighty APC National Advisory Council (NAC), consisting of top APC hierarchy, is mandated to either elect or select a suitable candidate that is acceptable by all in the party. A third consultative meeting before the final selection of the APC flag bearer is expected shortly.

18 Declare for APC Flag bearers as Petito Sets Out his Vision

Eighteen APC politicians have declared to run to succeed President Ernest Koroma for an emphatic APC party win come the 2018 elections. Among the eighteen vying for the covetted APC flagbearer slot, are two women i.e. Zainab Bangura and Marie Yansaneh. Also including the Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh, Justice Minister Joseph F. Kamara, and many others who are favourable to lead the party.

It is now in the hands of the almighty APC party National Advisory Council (NAC) who decides the election process but in most cases the selection process dominate. The NAC constitutes top rank members of the APC hierarchy and some of those who are vying for the flag bearership were once members of the NAC but had to resign to run in accordance to the party law.

One of the favourites is Ambassador Alimamy P. Koroma known popularly as Petito. In his second radio interview on SLBC radio on Wednesday 20th September 2017, Petito, a former diplomat and Minister stressed that the process of selection /election for the APC flag bearer is left with the Party hierarchy but he is assured that the best decision would see continuity of the APC in power after March 2018 will be made.

He has outlined his experience and roles in the Party, serving in various senior positions and thus compiled a record of performance that has now propelled him to aspire as a serious contender for the APC Presidential flag. He thanked all those who continue to support him and wish him well in his future political career.

Speaking as a veritable statesman, he refused to be drawn on issues of why he was relieved of his duties at the Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure citing that the Press Release that announced the Presidential prerogative at the time indicated that it was the Ministry that had capacity issues, but with him as Minister, he had to accept the blame without question.

He however pointed out that he had since been appointed to a bigger and more strategic assignment as Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary to the People's Republic of China and other Far East nations.

Petito stressed that he is competent and capable of winning the coming elections under the APC flag and stated that his service to the Party has been exemplary thus far and that it is that service and institutional knowledge of the Party that endears him to the Party rank and file. Courtesy: PAM Media & Communications

The Eighteen Official Confirmation of APC Flag bearer Aspirants:

1, Victor Bockarie Foh
2, Alimammy P Koroma
3, Alpha Kanu
4, Kemoh Sesay
5, John B Sesay
6, Joseph F Kamara
7, Mahmood Tarawally
8, Zainab H Bangura
9, Marie Yansaneh
10, Hon Ibrahim Bundu
11, Minkailu Mansaray
12, Kelfala Marrah
13, Usu Boi Kamara
14, Lawyer Kaloko
15, Alpha Conteh
16, Dr Samura Kamara
17, Ansumana Koroma
18, Victoria Saidu Kamara


1958 -1980


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