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23rd July 2018

SLPP: Maada's Magic Touch is Alive as Alpha Timbo, Others Join Paopa!

By a press release (01/10/17)

The SLPP front runner Juslius Maada Bio is unquestionably the 'toughest' opposition politician as two SLPP flag bearer aspirants joined Paopa! 


The first big fish to swim across the Paopa river to join the Maada Bio SLPP bandwagon is the former flag bearer aspirant and influential northerner Mr. Alpha Timbo. (Photo: Maada Bio with Alpha Timbo shortly after he endorsed him).

In a press release, it was confirmed that Maada Bio shows he can unite the SLPP as two flag bearer aspirants and former members of the defunct All Aspirants Alliance (AAA) have endorsed Maada Bio to be the presidential candidate of the SLPP party come March 7 2018 presidential election in Sierra Leone.

The two highly respected SLPP flag bearer aspirants, lawyer Alpha Osman Timbo and Ing Francis Lahai made their declarations on Thursday 28th September 2017 in two separate incidents.

Lawyer Alpha Osman Timbo made his public declaration in Port Loko while addressing SLPP Port Loko delegates and senior Party Stakeholders. Lawyer Timbo told stakeholders that there are many people who would like the leadership of the Party but only one person will have it at a time.

He stated that after consultations with many stakeholders he has decided to endorse Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio for the presidential candidacy of the SLPP. Lawyer Timbo's declaration received a loud applause from delighted party stakeholders and delegates.

In another separate endorsement for Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, Ing Francis Lahai released a short statement on social media stating that after discussions with relatives, friends and supporters he has decided to support Julius Maada Bio "as the appropriate candidate for SLPP in the upcoming presidential elections".

Describing Julius Maada Bio as his "brother and friend", Ing Francis Lahai stated that his declaration for Bio "is in the best interest of the success of the Party".

The declarations by two former members of the All Aspirants Alliance is a demonstration of Bio's leadership quality to unite the Party after a period of internal wrangling with series of court cases. Maada Bio has always committed himself to unite the SLPP and has been making frantic efforts to reach out to many SLPP flag bearer aspirants for lasting peace in SLPP.

With an unsuccessful attempt by few critics of Julius Maada Bio to smear him based on tribal and regional attacks, the declaration by lawyer Alpha Osman Timbo is a further evidence that Bio's popularity transcends beyond tribe and region. Lawyer Alpha Osman Timbo was born in Bombali District, Northern Region, to a Temne father and a Fullah mother.

Also, the two declarations for Bio and the recent successful SLPP convention in Kenema will give more confidence to voters that SLPP will be united ahead of the 7th March 2018 convention with a new National Chairman and Leader, Dr Prince Harding who has also been engaging in many peace and reconciliation efforts following his election.

Meanwhile, Julius Maada Bio is presently touring various districts in the Northern Region thanking SLPP delegates for the recent peaceful convention in Kenema and wooing them to elect him in the forthcoming flag bearer convention slated for 14th and 15th October in Freetown.

Courtesy: Julius Maada Bio Media and Communications Team


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