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24th March 2018

"Muslims, Take it as an Isolated Case and Show Restraint," CIG Appeals

By a press release (01/10/17)

The Christians In Governance (CIG) has appealed to Muslims to show restraints and consider it an Isolated case after the Pastor's vile attack.


Christians In Governance (CIG) exists to sensitise and mobilise Christians to effectively and efficiently involve in all 3 levels of governance - home, community and state. We further provide a platform for the promotion of propitious governance and respect for the Rule of Law. (Photo: Welfare Minister Sylvia Minister and Muslim and Christian leaders).

CIG views the comments by Evangelist Victor Ajisafe of the Christ Revival Evangelistic Ministry aka Sanctuary Praise Church as derogatory and inciting. We condemn this to the fullest.

We have enjoyed religious tolerance in this country for years. Records of this can be traced way back in 1997 when Sierra Leone received the award for the most religious tolerant country in the whole world. The President of the World Inter Religious Council himself came to Sierra Leone and gave the award to the then President, Ahmad Tejan Kabba at the Bintumani Hall, Aberdeen. We still enjoy that streak of tolerance to date. So any plausible impediment to it would be viewed with disdain.

Church crusades over the years have been attended by both Muslims and Christians alike. From International Evangelists like Ben Tipton, Roy Durman, Reinhard Bonnke, William Kumuyi, etc, to local preachers like Bishop Cyril Luke, Madam Dora Dumbuya, Pastor Mambu, Evangelist Ajisafe, Bishop Abu Koroma etc, had all hosted programmes in the stadium witnessed by both Muslims and Christians. It therefore befits Evangelist Ajisafe to have shown respect and tolerance to a fellow evangelist despite their religious difference.

As we condemn Evangelist Ajisafe, we would like to appeal to our Muslim friends to consider this as an isolated case and to further show restraint.

We are confident that the government will take appropriate measures to bring this issue to a lasting peaceful conclusion.

Courtesy: Sirajin Rollings-Kamara, National Coordinator, 71 Soldier St, Freetown 26 September 2017; 076111181 / 077212121


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