24th September 2017

SLPP Leader’s Son Surprisingly Campaigns for APC Flagbearer Candidate

By a press release (03/09/17)

Democracy at work in Sierra Leone politics! Observers were stunned when they saw SLPP leader’s son campaigning for APC flagbearer!


Reports say Alfred Bobby Kamara son of Sierra Leone People’s Party, SLPP Chairman and Leader Chief Somano Kapen was recently seen campaigning for John Sisay, a presidential candidate for the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party. (Pictured: John Sisay and SLPP Kapen's son, right, on the APC campaign trail).

Alfred, a business man, is the second son of Chief Kapen who is presently preparing to conduct a delegate conference to choose a candidate who might contest March 2018 election against his son’s choice of candidate in the ruling party.

John Sisay 48, a retired mining executive at Sierra Rutile. He is campaigning on the platform, ‘Join 4 Betteh Salone’ (J4BS) meaning, ‘Join for a better Sierra Leone.’

He is the youngest among the ruling party contenders and if elected will be the youngest ever democratically elected African president at first entrance. 

Young African presidential examples had either come through military coups or imposed by their parents like Jammeh of Gambia, Gnansingbe of Togo and Kabila of DR Congo. They later contested and won democratic elections as incumbents.

Sisay’s age has attracted young Sierra Leoneans, but he is running for the coveted flagbearer-ship against veterans and oldies and other household names within the APC Party. He is considered new and has never served in government.

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Local Content Policy is Excellent Achievement for Ernest

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Sierra Leone and China: Who Owns the Toll Road from Hastings to Masiaka?

Asks Pastor Mohamed Sesay (03/09/17)

This is the question being asked by Sierra Leoneans after the Chinese started collecting monies in the name of Toll Road Tax.

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