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22nd July 2018

Historical Facts that Point to Reasons for the Recent Tragic Floods!!

By a press release (03/09/17)

The August 14 Freetown floods may have been caused by these historical facts that authorities past and present might have overlooked.


This is an account of SLPP Lands and Housing Minister Bobson Sesay, a political disciplinarian who warned few years ago that the erection of buildings on valleys like Hill Station, Mount Sugar Loaf and other dangerous areas in the surroundings would lead to tragedy. 

After directives from Minister Bobson Sesay, one Mr. Moore a (Creole with integrity and foresight) moved with a vehicle loaded with police officers to Hill Station creeks and valleys (Mount Sugar Loaf) and ordered all construction work to stop immediately.

Reports say so many illegal occupants of these areas were warned by the Ministry but to no avail. So, Mr. Moore, a disciplinarian, and a man worth’s his salt, who was aware of the dangers in erecting structures in these valleys and a man who cannot be bribed, went there many times to advise the residents about the dangers surrounding.

The police were under orders to demolish all structures as it was firstly state lands and secondly, the risk was vividly seen. The youths, contractors, residents already in those areas mobilised and pelted stones, sticks, and other offensive instruments at the police that forced the police to flee the area.

Reports say as the police fled, poor Mr. Moore was left behind and was mercilessly manhandled by angry residents as he was unable to run for his own safety.

Subsequently, Mr. Moore was beaten up, dragged to the bush and had his two eyes plucked out, his lips super glued and was finally stabbed to death.  The angry mobs remarked after the killing: “na you wan cam pull we na ya,” yes! Meaning: “You want to take us out of here.” 

In active service, serving his country faithfully, in active service to do his job without fear or favour, Mr. Moore lost his life in the hands of these mad youths, residents, contractors, builders in that community. 

Today, the soul of Mr. Moore would be vindicated following the August 14 Freetown flood tragedy that had claimed the lives over 1000 people and the destruction of over 600 houses. Then, the SLPP government was labelled ‘broke ose government’ when translated means ‘house demolition government’ was a key slogan in removing the SLPP regime.

Ironically, the present Freetown flooding happened on the same date August 14, when Mr. Moore was murdered in Freetown few years ago.

Courtesy: Father Kanneh, he was at St. Paul's seminary then. “God's Wonder, when do we stop politicking developmental issues in this country?” he asked.

It is also important to note the advice Sierra Leone got from the colonial administration in 1945. During that time, the government was advised to take care of the forest reserves so as to prevent deforestation. As the failure to protect the forest reserves would inevitably cause erosion, mudslides along the hill sides in Freetown. But this golden was not heeded by past and present SLPP and APC governments. Shamelessly unfortunate!  


1958 -1980


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