23rd October 2017

Security Officer Killed, Millions of Leones Stolen in Kenema Robbery

By Philip Koroma (31/07/17)

Economic hardship is taking its toll big time in Sierra Leone as armed bandits unleash mayhem by stealing and killing innocent citizens.


Reports say thieves in the early hours of Friday July 21st 2017 attacked the National Petroleum (NP) filling station along Blama Road in Kenema where a Security Officer named Mohamed Kamara was killed. (Pictured: Police Chief Francis Munu, has a difficult job to fight outlaws in Sierra Leone).

Police sources say the armed robbers also made away with millions of Leones leaving one Pa Cole, Manager of NP and neighbours completely shocked and devastated. 

According to sources, the thieves were confronted by the Security Officer (an old man) deployed at the NP filling station that fateful night and was overpowered as the thieves entered the offices and carted away an estimated Le32,000,000.00 (Thirty million Leones).

The remains of poor Mohamed Kamara has been conveyed to the Government Hospital mortuary in Kenema for post mortem. Reports say some of suspected armed robbers have been arrested.

Team of police officers were present at the scene as investigations continue. 


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