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17th January 2018

Maada Bio Holding the Sierra Leone Peoples Party to Ransom Must End!!

By a press release (31/07/17)

Handing over of power from a military government to a democratically elected one is the best one can associate with Julius Maada Bio.


It was not the last annus mirabilis of the man who was handing over the political baton to the SLPP government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. Maada Bio (pictured) has had many annus mirabilis and that was not the last. He is sadly still using the autocratic tendency to hold the SLPP party to ransom. 

As a young man, he opted to militarily serve his people by defending them against internal aggressors but now tend to be the opposite in a more democratic system thus destroying his party in the name of Pa-O-pa by applying any trick under the sun to becoming the flag bearer of the SLPP.

And on April 29th 1992, Maada Bio and military cohorts put their personal interests above all else to continue destroying this country when the NPRC junta ousted the APC leader Joseph Saidu Momoh. Worse still, Maada surprisingly knifed his former boss Captain Valentine Strasser in 1996 to pave the way for the resurgence of his beloved SLPP party. 

Now the leader of the SLPP Chief Sumano Kappen has been under pressure as Maada Bio sharpened his knife to terminate his entire leadership just because they have limited ideas and most importantly because chairman Kappen is not a southeastern indigene. They all came to know this when things have fallen apart.

The reign of a government and a party that had misruled the country for a combined period was a ploy hatched by Maada Bio. We saw this when he orchestrated the palace coup against top executive members of the SLPP party and also used the youths of the party to deter other members of entering the headquarters of the SLPP party office in Freetown. 

Now the party is going down the brink and failed to free the SLPP from the clutches of a civilian autocracy over the people of his party and helped to destroy every other person or restrained them from even contesting against him in the party.

In the recent democratic dispensation, Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella officially suspended his intention to run for the flagship of the SLPP as millions of his admirers watched at home and abroad and believed that the SLPP party did not take KKY movement seriously just because he comes from abroad (JC) and he is new in the political dispensation of politics in the country.

However, as a professional and political analyst in my small corner, I took the action of KKY very seriously and that if the party dearly takes any action to deprive him of his membership then the brink of SLPP to collapse is eminent. 

It's against this background that I now see a rarity and something hardly heard of in politics to see KKY and his movement undertake a new direction thanks to Maada Bio’s devious scheme. Driving top politicians away from our SLPP because of tribe or place of origin is very bad as it will plague the party with a contagion of inter party tangling that will forever continue to reign in the SLPP. 

As a young Sierra Leonean at that time with no idea in politics and little knowledge of Maada’s activities, many young and innocent people applauded Julius Maada Bio who turned out to be this arrogant politician aimed at feeding everyone with his poisonous Pa-O-pa ideology.

My belief in social justice is significant and that is more reason why the SLPP should stop and do a rethink NOW and desist from suspending or driving people away. I think the SLPP should start a negotiating strategy if they want to get a formidable force come 2018.

Courtesy: By Strictly Political 


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