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17th January 2018

“I Have Not Declared for Julius Maada Bio,” Says SLPP MP in Kenema District!

By Philip Koroma (29/07/17)

Fascinating indeed that a prominent SLPP parliamentarian in Kenema does not fancy siding the SLPP front runner Julius Maada Bio!! 


Reports say the SLPP Member of Parliament representing Constituency 010 in Kenema district Honourable, Francis Amara Kaisamba has, in a recent telephone interview, told this reporter that he has no intention of declaring his support for Julius Maada Bio ahead of the party's national delegates conference. (Pictured: Maada in green T-shirt).

Mr. Amara Kaisamba said since his election in 2012, he has never publicly declared his support for any flag bearer candidate running for the SLPP coveted leadership because as he puts it “in order to maintain the balance”.

He said after the party's national delegates conference in 2013 in Bo, some of his constituency executive members were expecting him to have openly declared for a particular flag bearer but refused, thus causing more hate and malice for him over the period.

He confirmed having a dialogue meeting with the constituency executives who are expected and willing to partner with him develop the constituency irrespective of their individual allegiance.

He said as a tradition, he has recently donated the sun of Le 4,500,000.00 (four million five hundred thousand Leones) to the constituency executive as his Ramadan gift.

He encouraged his constituents to put aside their political allegiance and work in the interest of the SLPP party and win the 2018 general elections. 

The constituency 010 Member of Parliament said no political party will win an election with a divided house and cautioned those fanning confusion within the SLPP party to put the party above all else.

Asked whether he has anyone in mind for the flag bearer position of the party, Honourable Kaisamba said he will support a candidate with national character who will bring victory to the party after the 2018 general elections.

He dismissed rumours making the rounds that he has the intention of declaring his support for Julius Maada Bio. He described such rumours as malicious and calculated ploy to undermine his political agenda.


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