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22nd May 2018

Is SLPP in the Game Under Maada Bio as KKY Defects to No Man's Land?

By Unisa Thorlu Conteh (15/07/17)

The defection of Dr. Kandeh Yumkella of KKY from the troubled SLPP may have opened the way for Maada Bio to clinch SLPP slot.


Greatness comes in many forms... and sometimes it comes with sacrifice, such a sacrifice that is unprecedented. (Pictured: Maada Bio chillaxing with John Benjamin, right). When I used to hear and read from some KKY supporters that he has all what it takes to become the flag bearer of the SLPP and a better President of Sierra Leone, I used to wonder on what basis, these individuals are making this broad assessment? because as far as many of us are concerned, he has not done anything or sacrifice anything to move Sierra Leone agenda or the SLPP agenda, whilst he was at the UN, so a selfish human being like KKY will not be that better to make any significant change in Sierra Leone politics. 

The video that went viral wherein Kandeh Yumkella suspend his ambition under the SLPP ticket, has raised some serious eyebrow into whether the SLPP will have what it takes to contest strongly in the forthcoming Presidential election. The SLPP oppositional party in Sierra Leone  has become the new symbol of hopelessness and disunity as huge amount of its vibrant, active and senior party members and supporters are defecting to either the APC Party,  or considering forging ahead with the Coalition for Change  (bunch of disgruntled power hunger novice) In an apparent showcase of disgust over the selection of a mass murderer Julius Maada Bio, who is unfit to hold or even to represent a sober political party anywhere in the world. But again, it's none of our business as they continue to plunder their comeback dreams into a deep pit, that will keep making the APC gaining more momentum, and the voters will soon realize that their dreams lie in the hands of a well responsible political party (APC).         

When I read Maada Bio’s presidential aspirant quasi platform for the SLPP, I couldn’t help wondering whether he is a man of conscience that easily forgets that his hands are tainted with blood of innocent Sierra Leoneans during the NPRC Junta regime. Does Maada Bio think that Sierra Leoneans are a bunch of fools that can be taken for granted? Will members of the SLPP allow a man to jeopardize the party who has a lot to account for his past thievery and participation in murdering innocent Sierra Leoneans with impunity? I will caution members of the SLPP to select a decent presidential aspirant that will lead the party in the 2017 presidential election, but again, they have made the same old choice, and it will be the same outcome of the previous Presidential election. Sierra Leoneans will definitely not give a chance to a man they knew quite well that destroy the hope and dreams of the youthful generation to grow and live happily. 

Maada Bio and other soldiers (Sobels) undemocratically hijacked the then APC government of late Major General Joseph Saidu Momoh (may his soul rest in perfect peace) and with impunity murdered at least 29 innocent people, including a Salimatu Kamara, Mr. Salami Coker, who was said to be an SLBS Radio Commentator, O/C Sieh Bangura, an SSD Officer from the war front, and the worst of all a palm wine tapper. Not too long after that, Maada Bio launched a fresh murderous attack on those they assumed were opposed to their military control.  It was the most ruthless and uncalled for assassination in which Maj. Aruna Jalloh, Col. Quota Dumbuya, Commander Yayah Kanu, Capt. Hanciles Bangura and many others were mutilated by Maada Bio and his NPRC military thugs.

The coup that ushered in the NPRC Junta brought severe social, economic and political turmoil. The economy was corrupted and hundreds of innocent lives were destroyed coupled with corruption, crime, disease, illiteracy, hunger, poverty and misery engulfed Sierra Leone.  This abuse of power by the NPRC Junta should not go unchecked as was done by the Special Court in Sierra Leone against the AFRC, the Kamajors, RUF and Charles Taylor because it is corrosive to the democratization that should enable people to direct their own lives.

The NPRC Junta overthrew the APC government of the late Joseph Saidu Momoh with the haphazard notion of stamping out corruption and nepotism. On the contrary, they betray the public trust through abuse of power, corruption and perpetuation of poverty. They plundered and looted the economy of Sierra Leone and introduce jungle justice to innocent civilians and military personnel.

Is this the same Maada Bio, a plunderer and a man tainted with innocent blood that wants to be the president of Sierra Leone? An adage says, “Once a murderer, is always a murderer.” The SLPP has done us justice by forcing KKY to quit and suspend his campaign under the SLPP ticket, and by indirectly selecting Julius Maada Bio as their potential leader come 2018, we truly applaud all the efforts of the Bio supporters that help greatly in frustrating KKY to the extremely extend that he is surely and gradually becoming the next Dr. Karefa Smart, a man with so much expertise and potential but never had the opportunity to become the President of Sierra Leone.

Recent accusations of the media in Sierra Leone about the involvement of Maada Bio thuggery and intimidation on fellow SLPP partisans in Freetown during his campaign trail to be the flag nearer again of the SLPP is an indication that Maada Bio has not abandoned his venomous acts of terrorizing peaceful citizens rather he is prepared to unleash the reign of terror to anyone that will stand on his way.

Today we see Maada Bio perambulating the street of Freetown with fancy cars and Hummer, the ill gotten loots he profited from state coffers during the NPRC regime (some people are really questioning where he gets the money from to buy his recent  mansion). Without conscience and taking the people of Sierra Leone for granted he is presenting himself as a presidential candidate under the SLPP. The questions most people ask is, does Maada Bio have a moral conscience in spite of the injustices he has done to Sierra Leoneans?  Does he think he is above the laws of Sierra Leone that he cannot be questioned for his past human rights abuses? Well, these questions and many others will have to be addressed by the government of Sierra Leone because the families of those affected in the brutal murders perpetrated by the NPRC are waiting for the wheel of justice to spin.

The concerns of Sierra Leoneans here are not only the denial of justice to the victims, but its denial of society and future generation.  Must the movement against the impunity clash with the movement for reconciliation?  The question must be framed properly, and failure to do so will only add to the legal and moral confusion undermining the much needed will to take clear and committed stances on the issue of peace and peace building.

The NPRC military government was an illegitimate government that swindled illicit promotions. In that they were tweaked out of brute leadership, their self defrauded promotions should be quashed off the civil services. From this point on I will not attach any title or rank to Maada Bio. As such, whenever you see the name Maada Bio in any of my postings I am referring to the so called vile and perfidious power-voracious military contract killer. Crimes committed to Sierra Leoneans by the NPRC are crimes against humanity, therefore, any person defending Maada Bio and should use any public network to tell the truth about Maada Bio’s deviance while serving the NPRC. Maada Bio should not go unquestioned about his role in the killing of innocent civilians and any military personnel after he and others hijacked the APC party. Maada Bio is not different from Late Tom Nyuma and cohorts because they were all sobels and murderers during the NPRC. 

At this juncture, the APC party should be mindful of whom we select to lead us this forthcoming election, we should not use this sudden departure of KKY from the SLPP as a way of guarantee victory, that will enable us to select an unpopular candidate, we should use this opportunity to still present  Sierra Leoneans with the most qualified and most fittest candidate that can secure us the APC victory during the first rounds of the election, we should be steadfast and upright prepared for a serious battle, and take into serious consideration that both KKY and MKM are from the North, and they are capable of stealing votes from our stronghold. 

We need to have team of foot soldiers right now on the ground, doing ground works, don't let us wait until the 11th hour, before doing what we supposed to do. We need reaching-out-solutions, to ensure that we mend those within the party that are disgruntled and remain silent, those who are afraid to speak to us, because they will be blackmailed and called names,  we cannot afford to downplay the importance of peace within the party hierarchies and down to the ordinary members. 

If the APC party is serious about winning this election, I strongly believe the internal problems and the problem makers must be sorted NOW. 

Courtesy: APC PIKIN


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