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22nd April 2018

Kalokoh Movement is a Blessing for APC Party and Sierra Leone!

By Dr. Yahya Kaloko (11/07/17)

The APC and Sierra Leone really need the Kalokoh Movement considering his humanitarian gestures for compatriots in America. 


The emergence of the lawyer Abubakarr Kalokoh Movement in Sierra Leone thanks to the soon-to-be-vacant APC flag bearer post, has demonstrated something new, a different engagement between politics and the populace. (Pictured: Lawyer Kalokoh). Never before in the history of our politics has one's optimism, positivism, tenacity, confidence prevailed where others felt was impossible. This is more so true, especially when Lawyer Kalokoh's candidacy is not home based, and not serving in government. 

As a practicing lawyer both in the US and in Sierra Leone, Lawyer Kalokoh has always felt the inspiration for his choice of profession is not to enrich himself, but to help those in need, especially the less privileged in society.  

I have never come across a Lawyer with an open door policy, not requiring consultation fees upfront. In many cases he spent his own money on behalf of clients without the means to pay for legal representation.  

The Lawyer Kalokoh Movement has prevailed in demonstrating where there is a will, there is a way.  One only needs to be authentic, caring, and God fearing to achieve whatever goals set in life.  

The Lawyer Kalokoh Movement has also proven that success in politics or leadership is not for the faint-hearted.  It's for those with a purpose in life, dreaming big about how to help bring about change in the human circumstance. 

It's about believing in ones ideas and ideals, and how to actualize them. It's about providing meaning and hope for today and the future. It's about how to nurse the beauty within the human spirit; the belief that every human being is imbued with greatness, and be encouraged to discover the hidden beauty within.  

He has said on many occasions that he prefers to die poor and leave a legacy of service to mankind, especially for the have-nots, rather than building beautiful houses on mountain tops.  To buttress that, he often talks about his vehicle of 15 years.  Rather than living like the Jones' or assume the life style of people within his profession, the hallmark of Lawyer Kalokoh in the streets of America is his black 1999 Jeep.  

There are instances where Lawyer Kalokoh had to travel, crisscrossing America to legally fight and free Sierra Leoneans and other nationals who are on the verge of deportation from the US.  Some of them he never met before, but only heard from someone about their immigration problems.  

Unblemished and youthful, Lawyer Kalokoh will bring unique approaches and solutions to solve the problems facing the country. Let us all come together and give this great philanthropist, academic, and renowned legal mind a chance to show what he can do.  

Courtesy: TOLONGBO, Dr. Yahya Kaloko


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