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22nd April 2018

Ex-PMDC Med-Gem Intends to Aspire for MP for Portee Under the APC Party

By the Ranger (09/07/17)

A prominent resident of Portee in the East End of Freetown, precisely within Constituency 99, plans to run for parliament under the APC.


Mr. Mohamed Rabbieu Samura, popularly known as Med-Gem has expressed his burning intention to contest for the Parliamentary Seat in that Constituency under the All People’s Congress (APC) Party ticket in the forthcoming 2018 Parliamentary election. (Pictured: APC scribe Yansaneh doing well to recruit new members).

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, Med-Gem disclosed that he has been in politics for a very long period of time and was very instrumental in the campaign for Ernest Bai Koroma to be elected as President prior to the 2007 Presidential election. 

“It will interest you to know that I was at the forefront to bring President Koroma to the East End of Freetown in 2000 and introduced him to key personalities,” he proudly stated. He added that he was politically frustrated by certain detractors who on various occasions prevented him from seeing President Koroma which led him to go over to the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC).

He revealed that in 2007 he contested for the Parliamentary seat for Constituency 99 but lost to the APC contender. “It was not because I was not popular which was why I lost in that election but simply because I contested under the PMDC ticket and by then the APC was taking the lead,” he attributing that as the unanimous opinion of the electorates residing within the Constituency.

Med-Gem also explained that he quitted the PMDC together with Mohamed Bangura to form the United Democratic Movement (UDM) and was even the Western Regional Chairman but later fell ill seriously on the 28th March 2015 and has now recovered considerably. “You cannot believe it that when I was on sick bed Mohamed Bangura never paid me a visit to express sympathy,” he bemoaned.

“I am determined to better represent my Constituency in Parliament under the APC and my chances are very good based on my popularity among people of all ages,” he confidently stated.

Med-Gem is a prolific film writer and producer who also has the competence of editing film scripts and presently he is shooting a film titled “Broken Silence” which will be out by the end of this month. “Currently, I have written up to eighty-three (83) film scripts,” he maintained stating that he has the capability of writing a full length film with 30 scenes in just one week.

He also owns the Lion Mountain Studio which has been in existence for the past ten years and has promoted big musicians like Shadow Boxer, Baseaphonix, Rahim D Wizard among others.

Sounding the views of some of the residents of Portee most stated that they are willingly and will be very enthusiastic to throw their weight behind Med-Gem as he is somebody with good initiatives who has immensely contributed in facilitating various development projects within the Constituency in particular and the East End of Freetown in general.  

“Med-Gem is no stranger to us and his name is synonymous with development. We are strongly with him and he can be a very good Member of Parliament who will never let us down,” a Youth Activist zestfully opined.

“We the petty traders are ready to spend our last for Med-Gem as he is our son who has proven to us that he has love for humanity,” a market woman, Zainab, enthused adding that they are ready at any time to mobilise in order to spread awareness among the residents of the Community that Med-Gem should be their popular choice to represent them in Parliament.


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