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26th May 2018

Ex-Service Soldiers Plan to Disrobe Maada Bio of his ‘Brigadier’ Badge

By a press release (27/06/17)

Competent sources have confirmed that a group of ex-service men are planning to strip Maada Bio of his ‘Brigadier’ position in the military.


Reports say Brigadier (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio, the SLPP front runner, is presently collecting pension as a ‘Brigadier’ in Armed Forces of the Sierra Leone Military, which many believe is not deserved. (Pictured: Maada Bio embraced RUF leader Foday Sankoh during the good old days).

Bio was reportedly never a full Lieutenant or a Captain before promoting himself to Brigadier. Bio was a Second Lieutenant when their NPRC military junta ousted the APC government of President Joseph Saidu Momoh in 1992. Bio, who was NPRC second in command, later cunningly removed his boss Captain Valentine Strasser and promoted himself to Brigadier. 

The present ex-service men living outside Sierra Leone are now saying his title must be revoked because he never went through any training to achieve such a position. Captain Strasser never promoted himself but power hungry Bio did. 

Political pundits believe looking at the history of Julius Maada Bio, it is very clear that if this man became president of Sierra Leone he will never live power democratically.

First of all, Bio abandoned his post in the war front to over throw his boss Major General J.S. Momoh, Head of the Armed Forces of Sierra Leone which is against all military rule which could lead to court marshal for Bio.  

In the 2012 elections, he was the flagbearer of the main opposition SLPP party and contested but lost. Instead of taking a back seat like former VP Solomon Berewa did in 2007, the power-mad Bio is still deciding to run again as candidate in the upcoming elections in 2018.

In all democratic elections, if a candidate is given the chance to run as flagbearer and lost many previous politicians often take back seat and let others to try their chance. But in the case of Bio, it is completely different. 

After carefully listening to Bio on all social gatherings and interviews, it is very clear that he has nothing to offer to Sierra Leone but only interested in his selfish desires to be president anyhow. We have never seen Bio give a speech in what he will do as president for Sierra Leone. No health care plan, education, water, agriculture, employment and many more.

The only claim to fame he used is he served his nation by betraying the oath he took to serve as a soldier. He also claimed to bring the RUF leader Foday Sankoh to the peace process in Ivory Coast. But Sierra Leoneans know his sister was married to one of Foday Sankoh’s closest aid, casting more doubts about his loyalty to Sierra Leone.

Many supporters of Bio today don't know why they are supporting him. Some are supporting Bio because they all went to Bo School some because of the same tribe and many go blindly with the flow. 

Please before you start getting mad about this article please tell us when and where Bio have explained what he was going to do for Salone. The man is not qualified to run for office. We must to pay close attention to peoples’ character especially when they continue to belch ‘Pa-O-pa’. The young men and women who support this man don't even know why they are supporting him.

Sierra Leoneans wish the ex-service men the best of luck in trying to push to strip Bio of his so-called ‘Brigadier’ position. 

The country hopes the military court will consider the case these service men and women are planning to do. The bottom line is Bio left the military as Second Lieutenant so he must still remain as such.


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