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26th May 2018

SLIEPA Clamps Down on Corrupt Businesses Trading in Sierra Leone

By N'Bompa Turay (23/06/17)

Curbing the obnoxious fraudulent activities of foreign and local nationals operating in Sierra Leone is welcome news for all good citizens.


Reports say the Sierra Leone Investment Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA) committee is getting tough in its commitment to curb the obnoxious fraudulent activities carried out by some foreign nationals and some dubious Sierra Leoneans in the country.                                                                

The CEO of SLIEPA Mr. Ramond Kai Gbekie (pictured) with his committee members are working tirelessly to identify and track down fraudsters, institutional collaboration, compilation of names of national proven 419ners, throughout the country. 

Immigration Department Security and investigation of fraudulent registration to Sierra Leone and the tightening of all security networks and the revisiting implementation and tightening of laws and tough penalties against 419ners.                                                                                                                  

Among other things, the committee is dilating on tougher measures against money laundering and other dubious fraudulent acts that scar away investors.

Foreign investors are encouraged to contact the Sierra Leone Investment Promotion Agency (SLIEPA) in the event they suspect any foul play in the dispensation of their businesses. 

Foreign businessmen who want to buy gold and diamonds should stop fraudulent deals with crooks and go the right channels. Illegal exportation of diamonds will also be strictly investigated and with stiffer penalties. 

According to reliable sources, 419ners fraudulent cables are in trouble and in deep disarray. The presence of 419ners in some hotels has diminished since the CEO’s proactive approach. 419 is a shorten code for fraud imported from corrupt-ridden Nigeria. 

Upon this backdrop, President Ernest Bai Koroma has decided to make Mr. Gbekie the Head of SME, under the Ministry of Trade and Industry.


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