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26th May 2018

APC Scribe Reminded about Serious Role of MPs in National Development

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo (23/06/17)

“Parliamentarians have no business with development,” were the recent words of our own very able APC National Secretary General.


Yet our parliamentarians receive development funds from the government. How can one reconcile this with the APC Scribe’s outburst? In his deliberate mission to spread misinformation in the minds of the voters and paper over the cracks of the current failed MPs, it showed in a piece titled: ‘APC Secretary General Drops Bombshell’. (Pictured: APC scribe Yansaneh).

Is our National Secretary General trying to establish a case that the Government and the Parliament made a mistake when they issued tax payers money to Parliamentarians as "Development Funds" for their constituencies? 

It's prudent for us to make it clear to our Secretary General that any attempt to spend tax payers money without the true representatives of the people (in this case the MPs) is an act of hiding corruption behind development to satisfy the selfish desires of the selected few at the expense of the tax payers. In fact any responsible Parliament will never tolerate such a project to commence in the first instance.

Let's quickly remind our APC National Secretary General that our MPs, being our elected officials, they are charged with the responsibility to efficiently guide the national pause and as a matter of very important fact that's why Parliamentary Oversight Committees are formed to ensure that they check mate all development projects in Sierra Leone with a sense of purpose to ensure that tax payers monies are wisely spent. 

This is also the reason why Parliament is given the order to indict and order the detention of people for instance, that violate laid down financial rules and regulations whilst spending tax payers money.

The action of the National Secretary General to spread deceit and paper over the cracks of these current failed MPs exposed the secrete plot of the selected few to unleash terror in the lives of the majority. Now we can properly understand why the Auditor General Report is still gathering dust in their cupboards instead of actualising it recommendations. 

Such actions are unpatriotic and are tantamount to anti party activities because political parties are formed to serve their people, i.e. the masters, not the selected few, i.e. the servants. 

Protecting failed MPs at the expense of the majority who are currently suffering with massive poverty in all fronts as a result of the deliberate inefficient activities of some our elected officials can adversely impact the chances of the party to sustain governance in the coming transitional elections.


1958 -1980


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