23rd October 2017

Government Renege on Local Talents Created by the Local Content Policy!

By the Ranger (19/06/17)

The Local Content Policy enacted into law under the Finance Act to assist local talents is allegedly being undermined by the authorities.


It can recalled that in order to promote local talents, President Ernest Bai Koroma government created the necessary enabling environment which would ensure healthy promotion of everything locally produced so that more employment opportunities would be available and at the same time boost the economy and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). (Pictured: Is President Koroma aware of this?)

Reports have however alleged that efforts are now underway to undermine the meaning and objective of the Finance Act which created LCP. Instead of enforcing the Finance Act and Local Content Policy objectives, the authorities have literally taken a U-turn or reneged on their earlier stance of promoting local produce against foreign imports. 

It is unfortunate that at a time when the country is facing an economic slowdown, the actions of our authorities hardly support local production, thus making it harder on the average Sierra Leonean to make ends meet.

At this juncture, the worrying public are kindly reminding the government of President about the promise to promote local production and consumption of local goods. The government had promised that ‘made in Sierra Leone’ goods would take prominence over foreign imports that ensured the Finance Act becomes law.

What the people are now looking forward to is for President Koroma to continue to give his support to local producers and local produce. 

The benefits of the LCP are in the interests of struggling Sierra Leoneans because it helps to create jobs, it helps reduce poverty, it fosters innovation and it helps against expensive imports. 

It is a fact that any country which depends on importation, finds it extremely difficult to develop in every sense of the word. “This is why President Koroma and all the relevant authorities concerned should ensure that they do everything in their power to support the LCP if at all they want the average Sierra Leonean to live better lives,” a local manufacturer noted.


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