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26th May 2018

How the Army, Police, Motor Drivers Union, Youths Clean Dirty Freetown!! 

By Samuel J. Kargbo (19/06/17)

From the darkest city to the dirtiest one is no understatement as far as Freetown, the economic capital of Sierra Leone, is concerned.


Reports say it was another day for another operation to clean the city nicknamed ‘Operation Clean Freetown’. According to the organisers, this was an operation that was different from past cleaning operations.

The Monday May 22 operation included the Army, Police, Motor Drivers Union and the Youths from the ministry of Youth Affairs (MOYA). The cleaning of the city involved three components. The first component was the rolling out of several dust bins all over the city. Residents used these bins to deposit small garbage especially as they walk around the city. Little things like tissues, empty soft drink cans, used water sachets etc. The second component involves mass cleaning of the city. 

Component 2, the police and military helped in the clearing of huge drainages, whilst youths with tricycle collected garbage from homes in the city. They visited every home in the city and collected their garbage which they were then transport to the transit points where MASADA, the cleaning contractors, collected and took them to the dump sites.

Component 3 involved the distribution of empty 50kg bags to every household by youths and the subsequent registration of each home with respect to the bags. Residents put all their garbage into the sacks and arranged with the youth collector on the time to collect the garbage. They paid the sum of Le2,000 (two thousand) Leones every time these youths collect the bags. Depending on the arrangement with the youths, the bags could be collected daily or twice a week or once a week. 

Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation (2) Madam Zulainatu Cooper said that this move was for the good of the country as it was now time to move away from curing disease to preventing it. She called on all sierra Leoneans to own this venture as it will improve the health of everybody in the country. 

The ministry monitored the compliance to this venture of all citizens as there were Health Aides who were going around from house to house to ensure that compounds are clean. These ‘public health aides’ also sprayed the houses they visited with disinfectants and disease killing agents. 

The Freetown City Council, who had a fruitless contract with MASADA to clean Freetown, was also on hand to ensure compliance with the safety precautions put in place. 

There was robust application of the bye-laws of the Council. Reports say other councils are expected to enforce the scheme. The scheme will be done by wards with the cooperation of all Councillors around the nation.


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