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26th May 2018

Port Loko Youths, Heartland of the APC Party, Support Dr. Kaifala Marah

By a press release (17/06/17)

The populist wave of the leading APC flagbearer aspirant Dr. Kaifala Marah has hit Port Loko town, the heartland of the ruling APC party.


As early as 6:30am, the township of Port Loko was recently awakened to loud songs extolling the good name of Dr. Marah as the correct choice for the young men and women of Port Loko for the flagbearer slot of the APC. (Pictured: Dr. Marah being watched closely by President Ernest Koroma).

Thousands of youths most of whom would vote for the first time in the 7th March 2018 Presidential and General Elections, sang and jogged in regal concordance to Themne songs bellowing from huge loudspeakers mounted on vehicles.

They thronged through the main thoroughfares of the home of one of APC's most revered political architects, the late Sorie Ibrahim Koroma better known as S.I. Koroma, the then APC Vice President.

Thousands more of the town's inhabitants came out to watch as the young men and women sweated it out on the streets in support of their new-found "Beacon of Hope".

According to a number of the Port Loko youth leaders, who organised the jogging, they are not sentimental about whether an aspirant is from Port Loko or not. What they now consider is the honesty, sincerity, commitment and good character of the individual. They also maintained that they are particularly going for Dr. Kaifala Marah as their choice because they see in him a renewed hope and someone they can trust.

This is the fifth jogging series youth have championed on behalf of Dr. Kaifala Marah. It started in his home district of Koinadugu and this was replicated in the district headquarter towns of Makeni, Kambia, Koidu and now in Port Loko.

The simple message that has cut through is an appeal to President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC party hierarchy to anoint Dr. Marah as the party's flagbearer for the 2018 Presidential Election. "Give us Dr. Kaifala Marah as our next President," the Port Loko youths have called in unison.

Dr. Marah has with dedication and selflessness served President Koroma and the APC party as the first Chief of Staff at State House, as Minister of Finance and Economic Development and as Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone. In all of these positions, he has left indelible footprints that have resonated with the expectations of majority of Sierra Leoneans.

The youths believe if he is given the opportunity, together with his team, he will do better for Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans.

"We see him as selfless. We see him as honest and sincere as to why he wants the APC party to repose confidence in him. We see him as one of us. We see him as having the energy, the intellect, the experience and the right principles to lead Sierra Leone at this time when our beloved Mama Salone is facing challenges," said Abdul Bai Koroma leader of one of the WhatsApp groups formed in Dr. Marah's name.

Meanwhile, indications are that youths in other district headquarter towns are planning similar activities because, they want to be on the right side of Sierra Leone's rewritten history with Dr. Kaifala Marah as the principal actor.


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