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24th May 2018

Kambia and Tonkolili Local Council Bye Elections Slated for June 30

By Solomon Kalokoh (15/06/17)

The National Electoral Commission has said local council bye elections will take place in Kambia and Tonkolili districts on June 30.


Reports say the Commission has declared Friday, 30th June 2017 as the date for other Local Council bye elections in Ward 139, Kambia District and Ward 212 in Tonkolili District. (Pictured: NEC boss Ali Conteh).

Sources say the NEC deliberated the following among other things at a recent stakeholders meet at the NEC Headquarter of Tower Hill in Freetown.

The Commission successfully conducted local council bye-elections in Ward 091, Bombali District and Ward 025, Kailahum District.

Three political parties contested the ward 091 bye-election as follows: APC, SLPP and ADP respectively. The same parties for Ward 025 as well. 

The results for Ward 091, Bombali District are as follows:

- Jenneh Ahmed S, (APC) obtained 1,747 with 81 percent

- Kamara Rebecca N, (SLPP) obtained 232 with 11 percent

- Kamara Saya B, (ADP) obtained 183 with 8 percent

The results for Ward 025, Kailahun District are as follows:

- Amara Alusine F, (SLPP) obtained 1,519 with 55.9 Percent.

- Kangoma Jenneh, (ADP) obtained 341 with 12.6 percent

- Moijueh Vandi J, (APC) obtained 856 with 31.5 Percent.

In relation to the update, Madam Miatta French also informed stakeholders that Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora have taken the Commission to court for failing to create provision for Sierra Leoneans who are out of the Country.

Parliament has passed the local Government Amendment Act 2017. The Act makes provision for the addition of new administrative region (North West) administrative districts (Falaba and Karene), and localities (Port Loko City, Karene District and Falaba District Councils), under cap 60 of the Provinces Act 2017, into the Electoral Process.

Political Parties will be invited to observe the adjudication process, according to the National Electoral Commission NEC.

The NEC Chairman and Executive Secretary also attended a UNDP organised international donor conference in Ghana for non resident development partners and their support to Sierra Leone electoral process. The objective of the conference is to solicit more funding support towards the March 2018 Election.

The Local Amendment Act 2017 gives NEC the power to re-draw constituency and ward boundaries of new administrative in Sierra Leone. The Act also makes provision for the allocation of additional seats from 475 to 511 of local councils, to accommodate Falaba and Karene Districts in the Constituency and Ward Boundaries Delimitation Process.


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