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17th January 2018

APC National Convention to Endorse the New Leader on Sept 15

By a press release (13/06/17)

September 15 this year is on diary as the historic date to decide the suitable candidate to lead the APC party come 2018 elections.


President Ernest Bai Koroma has also been endorsed to continue as Chairman and Leader of the APC party, a drive geared towards continuing to unite and transition the ruling party, according to the APC Secretary General Ambassador Yansaneh, (pictured).

Making this announcement on the resolutions at the June 1st National Council Meeting, the APC scribe Yansaneh also disclosed the election and selection of presidential candidates and the appointment of a running mate to be endorsed by the NAC come September 15, 2017.

Reports say National Executive Officers must have served at regional, district or constituency level to be qualified for selection or election.

National Executive Officers must have paid up and active in the last 10 years and paid up for 7 years. Will sign an undertaken to support whoever is selected or endorsed. Must have institutional knowledge of the party.

Must satisfy sections in the 1991 Constitution, 2012 elections act and PPRC acts; Presidential candidates and running mates must fulfil the 1991 Constitution, the elections and PPRC Acts.

Must believe in Ernest Bai Koroma Legacy and ready to continue with it; must have party and national appeal, institutional knowledge of the APC party; must have invested financially and otherwise, be a paid up and active member and most importantly must sign a declaration to be prepared and willingly to accept the decision of NAC and support their choice; 

Pre-convention sensitisation early July; 10 to 16th July Constituency Convention; 19th to 21st District Convention; 24th to 25th Regional Convention; 26th to 27th Youth League, Women's Wing and Veterans Convention; 5th to 6th September National Delegates Convention in Makeni.


1958 -1980


How APC Caused the Spread of the Deadly Ebola Virus Disease!

By: Jacob Jusu Saffa, Guest Editor (10/01/18)
Fingers are now pointing directly at the corridors of the APC governement for the careless spreading of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone.

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Yumkella/Keili Ticket is a Match Made in Heaven! Period!!

By Dr. Barba M. Koroma (10/01/18)

The National Grand Coalition NGC party is already tickling the uneasy APC party thanks to the Yumkella/Keili ticket.

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