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26th May 2018

Maada Bio’s Statement Wishing Sierra Leone Muslims a Blessed Ramadan

By a press release (11/06/17)

The opposition SLPP front runner Julius Maada Bio has wished all Sierra Leone Muslims observing the Holy Month a blessed Ramadan.


This is the full statement: Around the world and across our country, Muslims have commenced the observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan with all the reverence, prestige and dedication it deserves. It is a very special time for all Muslims as it gives our Muslim brothers and sisters the opportunity to strengthen their faith through fasting which is one of the pillars of Islam. (Pictured: Maada Bio, the SLPP front runner).

For Muslims, fasting is much more than just abstaining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. According to Islamic teachings, it is also about submission to Allah (God) and making Muslims aware of the hardships of the people who are poor and have nothing to eat. This enables Muslims to acquire the virtue of empathy for others and engage in immeasurable acts of charity to the poor and needy. It is the spirit at the heart of Islam – caring for one another.

As a nation, let us join our Muslim brothers and sisters in this Holy Month of Ramadan to show care and compassion to fellow citizens in our neighbourhoods, communities, villages and cities who are needy, lonely and vulnerable. As we help one another through solidarity, I hope it will soften our hearts, broaden our souls and revive our sense of generosity as a people. 

Also, for family members, friends, members of the same mosques and communities who will be sharing food during this Holy Month, I hope such an act of love will serve as a good reminder to many that Islam is a religion of kindness, peaceful coexistence, altruism and togetherness. 

During this Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims will also be engaging in intense prayers, recitation of the Holy Qur'an and reflection on the teachings of the Holy Qur'an as Ramadan gives Muslims the chance to seek for mercy, forgiveness and refuge. I appeal to our Muslim brothers and sisters to remember in their prayers all those compatriots who are sick or going through difficult times whether in their families, marriages, professions, businesses, employments or personal lives. 

Similarly, as a Christian, I appeal to all non-Muslims for us to do all that we can to support our Muslim compatriots and respect the Holy Month of Ramadan. We are a Nation that prides ourselves in religious tolerance and as we have done in the past, let us use this Ramadan to continue in showcasing that pride of religious tolerance. 

On behalf of myself, wife and entire family, I want to wish all our Muslim brothers and sisters, a blessed Ramadan. 

Ramadan Mubarak

Courtesy: Julius Maada Bio Media and Communications Team


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