25th July 2017

Sierra Leone National AWOL Awards to Resume After Three Years Break!

By a press release (30/05/17)

The National Achievement Awards of Sierra Leone will resume this year after a three-year break, the organisers have recently announced.


The Awards organised by the All Works Of Life (AWOL) is the largest and most prestigious award ceremony in the country as it recognises the extraordinary achievements of Sierra Leoneans and non-citizens in the country. (Pictured: Fadika 'Super', seated, few hours before his death in London).

AWOL’s membership cuts across people of every sector - private, public, and politics. It was established in 2001 under the auspices of the late business tycoon Moseray Fadika, who was also its largest single patron. Besides the annual awards, AWOL also provides education scholarship and sponsors humanitarian activities.

Since 2013, the NAA hasn’t been held. Ahmad Sahid Nasralla, Secretary General of AWOL, told APA that the Ebola epidemic which erupted in 2014 and the death of Mr. Fadika caused the break of the awards ceremony.

Mr. Nasralla was speaking in relation to the organisation's first Annual General Meeting since 2013 which saw the re-election of its reigning Chairman, Anthony Navo Jnr.

Mr. Navo, who was first elected to the position in 2013, succeeded his late mentor, Mr. Fadika. Navo is also the Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Leone’s largest print and electronic media outlet, Africa Young Voices (AYV) Empire.

He announced at the AGM held from Friday April 14 to Saturday April 15 that AWOL’s major long term plan is the construction of an Amphitheatre and Recreational Centre at one of Freetown’s renowned beaches in honour of Mr. Fadika.


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