23rd September 2017

Tunkia Residents Urge Minister to Query their Senior District Officer’s Lies

By Philip Koroma (28/05/17)

People of Tunkia chiefdom in Kenema District have urged the Local Government Minister to punish the Senior District Officer for his lies.


Reports say the residents and descendants of Tunkia chiefdom recently asked Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Maya Moiwo Kaikai (pictured) to not only query the Senior District Officer (SDO) Kenema district but should also suspend the SDO for misinforming him about the matter involving the Paramount Chief of Tunkia chiefdom Kenema district P.C. Amara Goway Sama.

At a mammoth occasion marking the reinstatement of P.C. Amara Goway Sama of Tunkia chiefdom at the Minister of State's Office Maxwell Khobe Street in Kenema, Minister Maya Moiwo Kaikai disclosed that the decision to suspend P.C Amara Goway Sama emanated from correspondences sent to him by the Senior District Officer of Kenema district indicating that the P.C had refused to honour his invitation. 

He described P.C. Amara Goway Sama of Tunkia chiefdom as his uncle and fine personality who has contributed immensely to the sociology economic development of the country and urged him to work with the government for the realisation of the agenda for prosperity. “APC nor to bad party, na di pipul wae dae represent wi bad, Minister Maya Moiwo Kaikai emphasised.

The Local Government Minister assured the public of government’s commitment to upholding and strengthening the already cordial relationship with the council of paramount chiefs in Sierra Leone. 

However, the residents and descendants are suggesting and recommending to the Minister to investigate and if found culpable suspend the Senior District Officer for creating an unnecessary embarrassment for the government and his personality. “Lying publicly to disrupts good governance must not be tolerated,” angry Tunkians told the Minister. 


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