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26th May 2018

Trade Ministry Still Hunting Those Spreading the Fake ‘Plastic Rice’ Story!!

By a press release (24/05/17)

The general public in Sierra Leone has been assured by the Ministry of Trade and Industry that they are still looking for the ‘plastic rice’ liars.


In a press release by the government headlined ‘Alleged Plastic Rice’, the Trade and Industry ministry was quick to dispel rumours about the importation of ‘plastic rice’ in to the country maliciously circulated on social media by unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans. (Pictured: Trade Minister Allieu Pat-Sowe). Below is the release by the government to allay the fears of the public:

The Ministry of Trade and Industry wishes to bring to the notice of the general public and consumers at large its concern about the escalating issue of alleged 'Plastic Rice' importation into the country as propagated on the social media. 

This Ministry refutes these statements and video messages with the strongest of terms, intimation that such propagated images are grossly misleading, as they tend to convey inappropriate perception of certain rice brands, resulting in a wave of consumer dissatisfaction. 

Since the onset of this propaganda, 8th January 2017, of a Savanah and Sonia varieties in Bo City, this Ministry would like to reassure all concerned that it has been collaborating with the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau in screening every variety of rice entering our Ports; in addition to the implementation of mandatory measures of vessel notification by rice importers, to the Ministry, as well as the request for physical presence of Senior Officials at the Ports, before cargo discharge. 

This Ministry is gravely concerned about the escalating issue of ‘plastic rice’ in the social media and consequently request that aggrieved consumers purporting to have samples forward same to the office of the Chief Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry, for onward transmission to the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau, with details of brand names, and shop location that these rice brands were purchased from. 

This Ministry warns all concerned engaged in such activities to desist forthwith, or face the full penalties of the law. 

Considering that this issue is being unduly escalated, the Ministry of Trade and Industry is requesting the collaboration and involvement of the ONS, the Police, Consumer Organisations and Associations, Local Government, Health, Traders Organisation and other stakeholders to collaborate in tracking the source or sources of this alleged 'Plastic Rice' in trade. 


Charles Mereweather - Thompson

Chief Director 

Ministry of Trade and Industry 


- Minister of Trade and Industry

- Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry 

- Senior Permanent Secretary


1958 -1980


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