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26th May 2018

Parliament Approves the Minerals and Environment Protection Chairs

By a press release (24/05/17)

Parliament has approved the two presidential nominees for the protection of the environment and the enhancement of the minerals sector.


It happened on Tuesday May 9, 2017 after debating and ratifying the Fourth Report of its Committee on Appointments and the Public Service. (Speaker Dumbuya, centre, with his Deputy Chernor Bah, second left). The following presidential nominees were approved by the House:

Dr. Nana Claris Efua-Pratt - Chairman, National Protected Area Authority (NPAA); Brigadier General Usman Turay - Member, Minerals Advisory Board

Seconding the motion, Hon. Gladys Gbappy-Brima referred to the nominees as good people that have been appointed by President Ernest Koroma to serve in various capacities, the reason for which the walls of Parliament are smiling. 

Having regard for the extensive qualifications and experience of the nominees, she called on them to employ teamwork in the execution of their duties aimed at bringing sanity to the environment and improving the conditions of mining communities, with the view of changing the developmental dynamics of the country.  

She also regarded Dr. Pratt as her mentor, a front-runner of women’s empowerment, and founder of a lot of women’s organisations and institutions in the country.

Hon. P.C Sheku Fasuluku Sonsiama III referred to Brigadier Turay as a successful performer in life, whilst calling on him to proffer advice that is evidence-based by the Minerals Advisory Board before the issuance of artisanal and exploration licenses.

Acting Minority Leader, Hon. Sidie Tunis said that educated and highly placed people in our society that are responsible for the depletion of our environment should be named and shamed.

Majority Leader of the House, Hon. Leonard Fofanah described the debate as a spirited one and encouraged nominees to do well in their respective nominations otherwise Parliament may recall them for poor performance through a vote-of-no-confidence.

The Rt. Hon. Speaker of the House, SBB Dumbuya described Dr. Pratt as a kind-hearted woman who is highly principled and uncompromisingly strict. He also referred to her as a national celebrity and an international icon.

These nominees will enter their official duties after President Koroma has administered and subscribed them to an oath of office.

Courtesy: Department of Public Relations Parliament of Sierra Leone OAU Drive, Tower Hill Freetown Tel: +23278495023/+23277669726 /+23278426851



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