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24th June 2018

Fisheries  Minister Extols Colleague Ministers for Job Well Done

By Fayia Amara Fayia (15/02/16)

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resource has extolled Deputy Minister of Energy Ishmael Sengu Koroma for his hard work.

This praise was done in what could be described as political thoughts sharing meet in the office of the Minister of Fisheries Marine Resources Allieu Pat-Sowe. He also levied praise on Honourable Nurudeen and the Vice Chairlady of APC Kenema district Baby Jaiah for promoting APC's Agenda for Change policy. (Pictured: Minister Ishmael Sengu).

Minister Allieu Pat-Sowe highlighted the diligent work to promote the ruling All Peoples Congress party and for the actualisation of the Agenda for Prosperity in the country as the main reason for levying the praise and further admonished them to uphold the tenants of the APC party.

The minister said the APC as a grass root party is interested in the welfare and well being of all Sierra Leoneans as manifested by the good leadership of the Chairman and leader President Ernest Bai Koroma.

He encouraged the Deputy Energy Minister to continue the good work which is evidential in the supply of power in the Freetown municipality, the provincial towns and the 60 MW project in Kono. He noted that such ambitious lieutenant of President Koroma needs motivation and elevation.
The Deputy Energy Minister-1, Ishmael Sengu Koroma responded by showing his appreciation of Minister Pat-Sowe and also thanked President Koroma for the confidence and opportunity to serve in his government for the nation.

Minister Ishmael Koroma said the immediate project  on his mind is the electrification of Hangha Town some two miles from Kenema, a project which will be launched soon with the blessing of APC comrades like Logus Koroma, Allieu Pat-Sowe, Hon. JB Dauda Minister of Internal Affairs.

Reports say the Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh will also hopefully be in attendance.



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