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26th May 2018

Why Five Armed Robbers were Killed in Daylight Robbery in Freetown!!

By the Ranger (20/05/17)

The latest armed robbery in the suburbs of Freetown resulting to the gruesome deaths of five robbers has left many shocked in the country.


In an action movie like drama, a very bizarre incident occurred on the 10th May 2017, in Wellington, within the Bosto area, where a popular betting company Mercury International branch office, opposite Sierra Leone Brewery Company, was raided. (Pictured: Dead robbers displayed in a pickup truck). 

Reports say at precisely 2:30 pm the armed robbers violently stormed the Mercury International offices, put all the workers under gunpoint and stole huge sums of money.

The robbers, while attempting to pull out from the scene started firing indiscriminately and headed towards a hill, known as Biango Farm. The sound of the gunshots attracted the attention of the community residents who descended at the scene, tactically doing so in order to avoid the flying bullets.

As all this was going on, the police have been already alerted about the ongoing drama and they were quick to descend on the scene. At the same time the community residents were resolute and determined to chase the robbers with the aim of tracking all of them down. 

Reports say since the robbers refused to give up or surrender they were eventually rounded up and in the process four of them were killed and the other robber’s foot was chopped off. But he reportedly died later in hospital.

Though this writer was right at the scene when the incident was unfolding, however, the Deputy Head of Police Media, Kellie Dumbuya, was contacted to get more information but remain unresponsive saying that he will decline to comment but promised to get in touch after they had completed their investigations.

A prominent resident living in that community commented at the scene: "The spate of armed robbery has increased considerably all around the country and it has become so alarming which is why the authorities should do everything within its reach to stem the tide."

Another lady who identified herself a Rugiatu Sesay stated: "Daylight robbery is very rare in this country but what I saw today is a serious cause for concern and something urgent needs to be done."


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