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24th May 2018

Freetown City Council & MASADA Argue as Wastes Litter Freetown!!

By the Ranger (28/04/17)

Has MASADA’s decision to down tools forced Freetown City Council to honour its obligation for service providers to clean our city?

Freetown is fast becoming a dump site with piles of garbage everywhere. More illegal dumping sites have emerged as people take advantage of this unfortunate situation to dump wastes anywhere they lay their eyes on. 

Having come from a situation of near catastrophe, where thousands of innocent citizens lost their lives and thousands more suffering from the effect of the Ebola virus, this is the last thing that should happen to us. 

Whilst council and MASADA are embroiled in financial disputes, the city continues to suffer. All what is being done here now is apportioning of blame on each other. No one, including the various stakeholders has called the two parties together in a bid to resolve the matter. They will wait until some outbreak occurs before they wake up. Why is it that we should have to wait for something to happen before any action is taken? 

This happened with the lecturers strike in Njala. No action was taken to remedy the situation until it got out of hand and brought the students on the streets and the death of one Sierra Leonean. The same thing happened with the Ebola; no serious action was taken until we started recording high cases of deaths. Today the city is being littered with garbage everywhere and no action has been taken to remedy the situation.

Should President Ernest Koroma always have to personally intervene before those responsible could act? We saw his personal intervention in fast tracking the road projects in several areas like the Congo Cross Highway, the Dundas Street/Mend Street axis etc. 

In fact various contractors were called to State House where the president held meetings with them to see the way forward for various projects. Is it that those charged with the responsibility to run those institutions do not know what to do, or are they simply incompetent?

It should be noted that even when MASADA is operational there were cries for improvements, now that they are not working what will you expect? Market areas like ‘Dove Court,’ Sani Abacha Street, etc. have now become dumping ground for waste. 

As heaps of garbage continue to pile on each other so also is the risk of infections and disease rising. A fertile habitat for disease carrying parasites is thus being created and nurtured. If my memory serves me right we are supposed to be in a state of Public Health Emergency, as such one expects prompt actions to be taken to remedy the situation.

Some time ago we had an outbreak of Cholera in the Mabella area which saw the intervention of some international medical teams to combat it. Have we not learnt our lessons from those events? Should it have to happen again before we will learn? This has nothing to do with politics, for when Ebola struck it did not pick and choose between political parties or region but touched everyone, regardless of their political persuasions.    

If all stakeholders like the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Internal Affairs and even the ONS which is charged with disaster management could call the parties together to resolve the matter, will President Koroma who is father of the nation intervene and resolve the matter as when any health emergency should crop up the whole burden will fall on you? 

His Excellency should remember the sleepless nights he had during the Ebola outbreak which also reflected on his physical stature and come on board to remedy the situation and not allow things to get out of hand. As we have just observed ‘World Health Day’ it is of vital importance that we keep our own part of our commitment to the WHO and the nation.


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