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24th May 2018

FBK Foundation’s Passion to Get it Right in Freetown and the Community

By a press release (28/04/17)

Fatmata Bodeker-Koroma Foundation (FBK Foundation) and guest speaker Ibrahim Pat-Sowe have urged all to go and register.

Below is the speech made by Ibrahim Pat-Sowe at the launch of the Fatmata Bodeker-Koroma Foundation in Mountain Cut, Freetown Sierra Leone:

Good afternoon / Evening

Mr. Chairman, Family, Friends of Fatmata Bodeker-Koroma Foundation, all protocols observed, I Greet you all in peace. (Pictured: Ibrahim Pat-Sowe,r, with Trade Minister Allieu Pat-Sowe).

Let me first of all thank God Almighty for enabling us to see a day like today as we are gathered here in Mountain Cut, Freetown, Sierra Leone to launch the FBK Foundation.

I want to extend my profound thanks to FBK Foundation for asking me to speak at this wonderful occasion, an invitation I couldn't turn down because I know as a friend of Fatmata, whom I've worked with for over 5/6 years now on various projects for Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora, she is very passionate to see this community gets it right place in Freetown with help and support of all within the community.

I feel very passionate as well to be involved in this launching process because all my life has been revolved around serving the less privilege in Sierra Leone. This was why I had to leave UK to come and base here in Freetown, so as to see how I could contribute in my own little ways towards serving humanity.

FBK Foundation as I am told is a Non-profit organisation and the brain child of one of your own family, sister, daughter and friend Madam Fatmata Bodeker-Koroma Koroma. I am also told that it is purely going to be for this local community which means you are all partners of this Foundation. This is why, in my little way, as I stand here today, I come to solidly support the actions of my sister, so that together we could all achieve the targeted goals for the foundation.

I have been in the Diaspora for a while, hence, I can frankly say it is hard to see a young and vibrant person to come up with such a genuine vision and initiative to setup a foundation in his/her community here in Africa. In Europe and in America, we are mostly carried away by the fancy of European cultures. Thus, we tend to forget our roots and origins. As per action, I want to say a special thanks to Madam Fatmata and her team for this initiative. Hence, I would want to plea on their behalf, to you all for your supports in ensuring that their goals are achieved.

FBK Foundation is here for you, your family and your friends of this community. However, Fatmata is also the present Women's Leader, Germany Branch, APC, you can proudly say that through her, you also have a solid relationship with Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora.

FBK is here to help and support men, women and children including the Youths of this community in areas such as Education, Water Resources, Health and Sanitation and also Sports for all. In addition, I believe it would also be supporting local health care facilities, Local nursery, primary and secondary schools, Children, Youths, college and university students not forgetting even drop outs. Ensuring water supply gets into the community, helping pregnant women and new mothers and their babies, the environment to name a few.

One thing I can assure you all is that Fatmata is not someone who promises a lot and don't deliver. From what I know of her, however, she under promises and over delivers but for this Foundation to be able to achieve its goals, objectives and great things within this community, it will need the support of each and everyone of you, your ideas, suggestions, bring forward what you will want to see FBK Foundation do.

I'm not saying she is a magician to do it all, but working with FBK Foundation team home and abroad, sure FBK Foundation will be able to achieve these and many more for this community.

Please make sure you speak to Fatmata as she's a very good listener, take all the necessary contact details you need from her, she is here to work for you and with you for the betterment of your community. Take advantage of this great opportunity.

Let me once again thank you all for coming today, thank you Fatmata and FBK Team for giving me this opportunity and please Note before I finish that I will be a strong supporter of this Foundation and community and will also be paying visits to see how work is coming along. 

On that note, I also want to draw our attention to the present registration process ongoing that if you are over age of 17 years or will be 18 by March of next year, you go out and register.

The registration is very important especially for students who intend to enjoy the Government Grant in Aid especially for travellers and women wanting to enjoy the Free Health Care Programme and for your personal security during electioneering process.

As we all know it's very important to register because there are many benefits including been able to vote during the next Presidential elections. Madam Fatmata has already joined in this process by supporting different centres in the community with food and water, and I'm sure she will continue to do so in the coming days.

FBK Foundation says Go Register! Ibrahim Pat-Sowe says Go Register!! We all say make we go register for the betterment of our community and off course we beloved Country Sierra Leone.

Thank you once again and wishing you all a blessed Easter holidays ahead. God bless us all.


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