23rd October 2017

Brewery Imports 25 Containers of Bottles as Guinness Floods the Market

By The Ranger (26/04/17)

Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd has imported 25 containers of empty Guinness bottles and recently cleared seven giant fermentation tanks.

Offloading of the consignment started on Wednesday 12th April at the Queen Elizabeth II quay, Cline Town.  According to Brewery’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Mr. Collier, this major investment by Brewery is due to the slow return of the new Guinness bottles. This he said is one of the contributory factors for the shortage of Guinness Stout in the market. (Picvtured: VP Foh who graced the occasion).

With the arrival of this huge consignment of empty Guinness Stout bottles, very soon the local market will be flooded with the nation’s much loved alcoholic beverage. One observer and a patron of the company’s product, on seeing the offloading of the items was overwhelmed with joy and intimated that it could not have come at any better time than this when we are about to celebrate holidays. 

It can be recalled that since 2015, Brewery has been engaged in a massive investment in new machines in order to meet the growing demand for its products. In line with the Local Content Policy and the 2016 Finance Act, which seeks to empower locally based manufacturing companies that use local products as raw material, Brewery has also invested in the growing of sorghum by over 10, 000 farmers across the country.

An appreciative Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh, representing President Ernest Koroma at the commissioning of the company’s new equipments, expressed pleasure with the Brewery’s continued invaluable contribution to the economic growth of the country.

VP Foh noted that the Brewery did this by way of providing jobs directly and indirectly for thousands of Sierra Leoneans, incomes, paying of taxes and meeting of its corporate social responsibility to not only the community that it operates in but to the country at large.


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