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25th June 2018

Updates on SLPP Flag-bearer Jonathan Tengbe's Stay in Sierra Leone

Press Release (10/02/16)

Dr. Jonathan Tengbe was among the political heavyweights who attended the just ended meeting at the SLPP Headquarters in Freetown.

Even though he was referred to as a "political fly" by a certain aspirant as quoted in a local tabloid (Blade Newspaper), Dr Jonathan Tengbe (pictured).

And whilst demonstrating political maturity by turning deaf ears to the unnecessary ranting, the political heavyweight and other colleagues in the All Aspirants Alliance were hosted at the party office in Freetown on Friday January 22.

The Alliance which was born out of the desire to unite all aspiring flag bearers continue to work relentlessly to achieve the desired goal. As chairman of today's meeting, Dr Tengbe admonished his colleagues to stay united and focussed in the spirit of winning the 2018 elections.

Contrary to the misconceptions and assumptions that the formation of the AAA was aimed at conspiring against some other aspirants, the meeting hosted at the party headquarters in Freetown has proven those allegations baseless and untrue. In fact the AAA has extended an open invitation to others including Julius Maada Bio. Dr Tengbe suggested for the meeting to be held at the party office so it becomes quite conspicuous that indeed the alliance has an open agenda and not a political machinations against whosoever.
On arrival at the party office this afternoon, the dynamic and charismatic Flag bearer hopeful was also accompanied by his fearless Global Campaign Chairman, Mr Abu Sheriff. The robust chairman had travelled from the UK for the nationwide tour, and is overwhelmed by the growing endorsement of his candidate across the country. On Wednesday, the people of Kenema clearly demonstrated the desire of having their son as the next president of Sierra Leone. A dream which seems to becoming a reality.

Dr Jonathan Tengbe also visited Bo to meet various supporters and sensitize them on the need of working together in our democratic fight and hope of winning the presidential elections. Replicating the massive economic and infrastructural developments in other parts of the world in Sierra Leone is the ultimate desire of Dr Jonathan Tengbe. This is why the chartered engineer is in the race, and the reason we must support him.

"Dr Tengbe is the future of our country, the hope of our party and a symbol of unity. Therefore, for true unity of  the SLPP, strength and the chances of our party, he is the best choice for Flag bearer. Together we can!!! YES WE CAN!!!," an ardent Tengbe supporter noted.

Courtesy: Team Tengbe Media And Communications Unit Sierra Leone



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