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14th December 2018

"Maada Bio and his Bad Supporters Must Leave the SLPP," ASB Urges

By Press Release (28/12/16)

A staunch former supporter of Maada Bio has surprisingly warned Bio and the people he brought in to destroy the SLPP to leave the party.

Whatever instigated Alpha Saidu Bangura to fiercely propagate the expulsion of Maada Bio and his political proponents has left many SLPP members flabbergasted.

In 2011, Alpha Saidu Bangura and his party cohorts supported Maada Bio strongly while they celebrated him as the SLPP flag-bearer despite the fact Maada Bio has been a rebel, a non patriotic Sierra Leonean, a political squanderer and a violator of the Constitution of Sierra Leone.

Electing Maada Bio as the flag-bearer of the SLPP in 2011 to contest the presidential election against President Ernest Bai Koroma had born bad blood within the SLPP. It has caused some of their staunch party members like Alhaji Osman Boye, Dr. Abass Bundu, Dr. Abdulai Conteh and Chairman John Benjamin to sense the indignation of tribal discrimination sedated with favouritism through bipartisanship. 

But despite the humiliation, there are folks like Alpha Saidu Bangura, who have been belligerent and are acquiescing tribalism and despotism with unrealistic obsession with a political party that has been constantly causing them embarrassment. 

Listening to Alpha Saidu Bangura strongly making disparaging statements about a man he once hailed as the flag-bearer of his party is beyond belief. He has reverted his extolling statements to be rude and demeaning; but, as words don't lie, it is important to examine some of the rude comments he made about Maada Bio.

That sentimental and tribalistic favouritism adopted through the SLPP bipartisanship have done nothing wrong to this so called "party with discipline," (according to Alpha Saidu Bangura), but has caused the party a shrinkage in its membership  with tremendous infighting and desertions. The SLPP members are disengaged in their role as the opposition party now engaging themselves in a battle against one another. 

Many were flabbergasted after listening to an audio tape that was created by the SLPP Public Relations Personnel, Alhaji Alpha Saidu Bangura: his audio tape propagates the expulsion of the man his party has once promised to love and die for.

SLPP has decided to make their political party a party for the Mendes, of the Mendes and by the Mendes, while the minority members from other tribes forming the party membership (for example: guys from the Temne, Mandingo, and the Fulla tribes etc.) are in a state of shock and betrayal. The SLPP only sees Maada Bio as the right man for the job because he is from the Mende tribe.

However, Alpha Saidu Bangura has produced a PR audio tape in which he addressed someone called Cherry: he appealed to Cherry and members of the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) to stay in the party and never allow anyone to discourage them to leave. He encouraged them to stay and let go Maada Bio with the bad members within their party. 

He reminded his party cohorts that during the reign of NPRC Maada Bio had pushed for laws that could have banned the SLPP to exist as a political party in Sierra Leone; but, after he'd noticed that he couldn't succeed in making that happen, he tried to pioneer the NPRC to ban Dr. Salia Jusu Sheriff from participating in politics because the former Minister of Finance had at one time acted as Vice President in the APC government under President Siaka Probyn Stevens.

was gaining momentum and becoming very popular among other SLPP party members in Sierra Leone: he said, Mada Bio knew Hon. Salia Jusu Sheriff would have won the election for the SLPP. Maada Bio spent over $300 to form the failed NUP.

In 1996 at the Consultative Conference, (Alpha Saidu Bangura was a delegate) at Bintumani 1 and 2 conferences when Maada Bio manipulated the military to obstruct democracy in Sierra Leone.


1958 -1980


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