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14th December 2018

Who’s the Real Alie Kabba? Sierra Leone Reporter Newspaper Asks

Culled from the Reporter (12/01/16)

The Organiser has taken this unprecedented move to reproduce another detailed analysis of Alie Kabba published in the Reporter newspaper.

Amidst all the hue and cry surrounding the current bigamy litigation at the Magistrate Court No. 6 presided over by Magistrate Seray Wurie, brought against Alie Kabba (pictured) by the Minister of Local Government and Community Development- Madam Diana Konomanyi, members of the public are still itching to know who the real Alie Kabba is.

From investigations done by The Reporter, he was born to devout Muslim parents in Koindu, in the Kailahun District. He attended the Kenema Secondary School, in the Eastern Region where he sat his GCE O level examination and entered Fourah Bay College (FBC) and reportedly went unopposed through alleged dubious manipulations to become Student Union President at the time Professor C. P. Foray was Principal.

During Alie Kabba’s Presidency, according to former College mates of his, there was a group set up that would flog students publicly for petty misdemeanours.

Fully credited with being one of those that started the brutal war under the banner of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), Alie Kabba is alleged to have been the one that introduced Foday Sankoh to notorious warlord, Chares Taylor in the late 80s before the start of the 11-year carnage in Sierra Leone.

In the United States where Alie Kabba until recently resides,  his close friends have disclosed that since he was made Head of the United Africa Organisation (UAO), Alie has never held elections for the past years and ensured no member dares to challenge the issue.

Known as the “Libyan Connection” by his close friends in the United States, Alie is said to be a close friend of Saif Al Islam Ghadaffi, the western-educated son of late Muamar Ghadaffi of Libya who was his main financier.

Beset with Court cases, Alie Kabba according to report is presently wanted in the US for charges of child neglect regarding his four kids- one of whom is 19 years old and at the end of a holiday with the boy, Alie Kabba only gave him $40 to return to his mother.

As a very good father aspiring to lead the main opposition party in Sierra Leone, the Sierra Leon Peoples Party (SLPP), Mr. Kabba now owes over $21, 000 in child support in a case brought forward by Edith Cline-Kabba. 

Apart from the allegation that the house Alie Kabba now occupies was rented through a caretaker without the expressed knowledge of the owner, a close friend disclosed that sometime in the US, Kabba who claims to hold a PhD that has also been disputed, is alleged to have duped Hair braiders in the South Side of Chicago- one of the poorest parts of the United States on the pretext that he would regularise their status.

In addition, allegations also indicate that while organising a meeting in Pennsylvania at a hotel which was offered gratis by the Governor of that State, Alie tasked all attending the conference to pay $300 as lodging fee to him.

With one Bintu Vangahun soon to also litigate for bigamy against Alie Kabba, the former RUF strongman is alleged to have credited himself with ensuring that Siera Leone’s independence is celebrated in Illinois, USA- a claim which has also been refuted by colleagues with whom he has spent years in the States. “The official holidays observed in Illinois are on the internet and Sierra Leone’s independence is not one of them,” a Sierra Leonean resident in Illinois has disclosed.  

In Lans Gberie’ book: “RUF and the destruction of Sierra Leone” Alie Kabba was referenced as the “Libyan Connection” and singled out as having officially introduced intransigent RUF Leader now deceased Foday Sankoh to Charles Taylor in Ghana.

The question on the lips of many Sierra Leoneans is: Has the SLPP allowed itself to be associated with a man of questionable character in the skin of Alie Kabba?

“If we are serious about coming back to power, such a figure should not be allowed to even get any way closer to the SLPP logo not even the party infrastructure,” one SLPP stalwart stated.

More editions as we unravel who the real Alie Kabba is as told by his close friends and confidants.



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