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24th May 2018

The Alie Kabba Circus: Editor Sorie Fofana's Journalistic Blunder!!

By Diana Media Team (29/07/16)

The Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba's political campaign is gradually going from bad to worse thanks to his deceptive national vision.

The deceitful briefs and lies from the Alie Kabba failed SLPP flag bearer campaign sunk even lower recently when they recruited Mr. Sorie Fofana to do their dirty work. (Pictured: The grumpy face of Alie Kabba in the dock on bigamy case in Freetown). 

In an ill-conceived and amateurish attempt to lend relevance to the laughable Mr. Alie Kabba, Sorie Fofanah, a 'journalist', published a poorly-researched article entitled: "A Major Diplomatic Blunder". 

Sadly, after reading Sorie Fofana's article, I am left wondering if journalistic integrity can so cheaply be bought. Unfortunately, I must reproduce excerpts of the said article here verbatim; to allow readers to judge for themselves:

A Major Diplomatic Blunder 

By Sorie Fofana

"One of the outstanding SLPP flag bearer aspirants, Dr. Alie Kabba, was last December, dragged to court, by his estranged wife Madam Finda Diana Konomanyi. Since then, Dr. Kabba has made several attempts to get this matter settled amicably out of court, this is a purely family matter. "

I must start by again questioning the author, Sorie Fofana's journalistic credibility. He refers to a Dr. Alie Kabba. Mr Alie Kabba is NOT a PHD holder, or a medical doctor. That Alie Kabbah and with his sycophants, keep attaching this title to his name tells us a lot about his deceitful nature. I'd urge Sorie Fofana to do some research on this matter.

The matter currently at the courts is NOT "purely a family matter". I need not labour a point that has already been decided by our Magistrate courts: That Alie Kabba perjured himself by lying under oath that he was a divorcee when he tied the knot with Madam Diana Konomanyi.

Sorie Fofana asks: "What does Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray have to do with a disagreement between wife and husband?"

Again, I pity Sorie Fofana for how easily he has been deceived by his paymaster. But then again, a credible journalist would have fact-checked his story.

When Alie Kabba proposed marriage to Madam Diana Konomanyi, he was fortunate to meet President Ernest Bai Koroma as result. And at their meeting Alie Kabba requested that the President play a role in his marriage and be his 'God Papa'.

However, the President could not be present at the wedding and asked that Honourable Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray acts as 'God Papa' in his stead. It therefore stands to reason, and is respectable in our nation's traditions, that the 'God Papa' plays an important role in mediating any problems in the marriage.

So, Mr Sorie Fofana, being that it was Alie Kabba who requested that Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray heads the delegation of elders  who met my dad, Mr F.D. Konomanyi, to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage, isn't it fitting then that Honourable Minkailu Mansaray should play as big a role in Alie Kabba's plea for mercy for his deceit and criminality?

A few weeks ago, Alie Kabba was at our family residence in Koidu city to meet our dad and apologise for having deceitfully gained Madam Diana's hand in marriage. He made sure to bring with him Alhaji Monoma, a gentleman who is a beacon of respectability in Sierra Leone.

Why? Because Alhaji Monoma, like Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray, was witness to and played a major role in the wedding of Mr Alie Kabba to Madam Diana Konomanyi. Why is Ali Kabba now being so disrespectful and insolent to a gentleman he deemed fit to head his wedding delegation?

I ask Mr Sorie Fofana these questions: What are the roles and responsibilities of a 'God Papa'? As a Madingo man, Mr Fofana, what does being a 'God Papa' mean to you?

As the 'God Papa' and head of Alie Kabba's wedding delegation, at Alie Kabba's own request, should Alie Kabba not now seek the Honourable Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray's counsel?

I hope that the insolent Sorie Fofana can now see that what he calls 'purely a family matter' should be settled by the 'God Papa', amongst others.

And for the record, Mr Sorie Fofana, this is now, and has always been a criminal matter. Which is why it is now at the high courts. A journalist would check with the law courts, so I suggest you do too.



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