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16th December 2018

Primary School Boy Found Tied in a Bush in Port Loko Town! Is Cannibalism Still On?

By Momoh L. Turay (03/12/18)

Alarming news emanating from Port Loko say a primary school pupil was discovered in nearby bush with both hands and feet bounded with rope. 


This is a serious security threat for our youngsters in Port Loko following the discovery of a pupil of the Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood SLMB Primary School who was tied in a bush in broad day light during school hours. (Photo: How the frightened school boy was found in a Port Loko bush).

Reports say the manner in which the school boy was found close to the Sierra Leone Road Authority SLRA and SEMEN compounds, with mouth gagged, hands tied, feet tied from neck down signals a nefarious criminal intention by those responsible.

According to sources, the boy was in class on that fateful morning when he asked the teacher for permission to use the rest room. As there was no toilet facilities in the school, the boy, like all other pupils, went to the nearby bush to ease himself. But he never returned to the classroom.

No one suspected that he had been captured and bounded in the bush. Luckily for the boy, another pupil of SLMB school wanting to ease himself went to the bush where he met the young boy tied and bounded and he also saw the criminal, wearing masks, trying to escape with the poor boy (photo).

Reports say the other pupil immediately rushed back to the school shouting and raising the alarm. Teachers and the other pupils quickly ran to the bush and saw the boy. And they also reportedly saw the criminal escaping by jumping over the SLRA fence. All efforts by the community people to capture the criminal proved futile so far.

The school administration has reportedly contacted the police to look into the matter. Parents and the school authorities are calling on everyone to be very vigilant during school hours whilst others are calling on the security personnel to strengthen the security within the municipality.

The lucky boy is now safe and sound with his family. But panic remains in the school. It remains to be seen if the school authorities would listen to the many calls now to have toilet facilities in the school compound so as to stop pupils from using bushes to improve health and safety.

Courtesy: Momoh Lawrence Turay


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