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16th December 2018

SALCAB Chairman Confirms Inheriting a Messy Cable Firm from the APC Govt!

By Ranger (03/12/18)

Many critics say dubbing the SALCAB inherited by the ruling SLPP government from the last APC govt as "total mess" is debatable.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sierra Leone Cable Limited (SALCAB), Sorie Fofanah reportedly confirmed this "total mess" description of SALCAB that was inherited by President Julius Maada Bio's administration. (Photo: SALCAB Chair Sorie Fofana, right, with Jonathan Leigh Deputy Ambassador in Germany).

He did not elaborate but sufficed to say that he would not want to prejudice the ongoing investigations by letting the cat out of the bag. Mr. Fofanah was recently speaking to journalists at SALCAB Lumley office in Freetown during his first press conference since he assumed office as SALCAB boss.

He said among other things that the new management is now putting in place a robust system of accountability and establishing reporting lines in the management cadre. "Our responsibility now is to clear the mess that was left behind by the previous management team. We have already recruited special auditors to help us do proper auditing of what we inherited," Sorie Fofanah said.

Also speaking was SALCAB Managing Director Ishmael Kebbay Jr. He said: "Since my administration took over the management of Sierra Leone Cable Limited, we have re-engineered the business models of the submarine and the terrestrial infrastructure which churned out a 48% reduction in the cost of bandwidth for IP transit and IP lease circuits respectively."

Director Kebbay disclosed that at the moment, Sierra Leone has over 1,000km of fibre optic cables running from Freetown to Gendema, from Masiaka to Balamuya and from Makeni to Kono.

He added that SALCAB is officially launching new national fibre bundles - these offerings will allow our clients to ride on the fibre cable to connect their backhaul base stations and enhance transmission and distribution of data.

"My administration has also implemented steps to strengthen the business environment that we inherited and mitigate probable operational risks - I commissioned a baseline review and forensic audit of the entire business operations and network infrastructure immediately when I commenced operation of my appointment, the outcome of the audit will be shared with the relevant authorities.

"We continue to strengthen our business environment by rolling out critical financial controls policies and framework, human resource policies and strategic plan to attract rich industry talents and position a healthy staff retention rate. I believe in the value of talent to drive the holistic aspirations and my administration is aiming towards making SALCAB one of the best places to work.

"My dream is to providing service not limited to Sierra Leone only as SALCAB has aspirations to offer services to the sub-region by attracting CAPEX investment. That will allow us to deploy a second submarine cable that will serve as a redundancy to the ACE cable. This capability will enable us to offer regional redundancy service to Liberia, Guinea, and other markets through the ECOWEAN network," SALCAB Director stressed.

The climax of the press briefing was a question and answer session. Other speakers at the event include a representative from the Ministry of Information and Communication among others.


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