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16th December 2018

APC Deputy Minister Re-Arrested at Lungi Airport, Hours After SLPP Granted Bail!

By a press release (02/12/18)

Former APC Deputy Minister Madina Rahman, bailed few hours earlier, was re-arrested yesterday at Lungi Airport when flying out of the country. 


Sources close to Madina Rahman (photo) say she was given clearance to travel by the authorities, as part of her bail conditions following five days of detention last week in Freetown.

However, police sources vehemently deny this information. On the contrary, the police say that her bail conditions included for her to be reporting to the police every weekday starting from Monday.

One school of thought says that Madina was tricked by the authorities not seizing her passport and telling her "verbally" that she can travel so that when she tries to travel, she will be re-arrested as a justification to show she is a flight risk.

Reports say it is a ploy machinated by the SLPP government to send her to the maximum security Pademba Road Prisons. She was picked up after she had openly checked in already for the flight from Lungi Airport. (Photo: Police boss Dr. Richard Moigbe).

Was she naïve or was it politically motivated to molest her? That's the question reverberating at the moment. She is now at the CID under detention once again as investigations continue.

Madina Rahman is one of three high profile women in Sierra Leone recently arrested and detained by the SLPP government last Monday. The two others include FIBank executives Dr. Hassiatou Jalloh-Agaje and Catherine Kamara who were all released on bail on Friday.

Courtesy: Awareness Times newspaper in Sierra Leone


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