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16th December 2018

Eastern FM Radio is Dead and Failing to Pay NASSIT 100M Leones in Kenema!

By Amara F. Amara (01/12/18)

The Eastern Community Radio FM 101.9 in Kenema is almost dead and also owing NASSIT over one hundred million Leones in contributions.


It has been authoritatively disclosed that a five man investigation team is now in Kenema to launch an investigation into circumstances that have led to the debacle state of the Eastern Community Radio FM 101.9 in Kenema.

The team from Freetown is expected to solicit information relating to donor funds in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure development in the form of multi-purpose building, purchase of motor bikes, commercial bus, station vehicles among others.

The radio station which used to be number one in the eastern region, and even winning award from the Independent Media Commission and other national awards, is currently almost dead which many have come to attribute to corruption and mismanagement by the heads of the institution.

Though the station used to record high income from advertising partners, discussion and live programmes, notices and obituaries, workers have gone for twenty-seven months without pay. And the station according sources close to NASSIT is owing the trust slightly over one hundred million Leones in contributions.

The Eastern Radio FM 101.9 has a General Manager Ahmed G. Kallon, Finance and Administrative Officer Jim Amara and Engineer Edward Kallay who all do not see eye to eye let alone sit in one place for any reason.

The Head of Production one Philip Koroma has turned himself into errand boy for the Admin and Finance man, a relationship concretised by the few incomes Philip allegedly continues to collect. They have all been working for the interest and development of their individual homes.

Currently both the General Manager Ahmed G. Kallon and the Finance man Jim Amara are sleeplessly moving to quit the FM Radio Station, the once pride of Kenema town after bringing it down so selfishly.

Since the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio came to power, Ahmed G. Kallon has not spent more than five days in Kenema. He is constantly in Freetown running after politicians, lobbying to ruling party politicians to be appointed a Press Attache in any of our embassies.

Jim Amara on the other hand, was recently spotted in Freetown among those who recently sat to the National Revenue Authority examination tests for various positions at the NRA Revenue collection team.

This is after he has failed in using his SLPP/JOB (John O. Benjamin) Segbwema connection coupled with his Night of St. John to have any appointment in the New Direction SLPP government.

These corrupt individuals have been accused of mismanagement and corruption at the Eastern Community Radio which was established by Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD in 2005) an institution which sourced donor funding for the radio.

Sadly, due to the mismanagement and corruption by these baldheads, donor partners including the BBC Media Action decided to stay off. The community people are now disenchanted as the condition of the radio continues to degenrate under Ahmed G. Kallon and Jim Amara.

"If Kallon and Jim are tired after mismanaging the radio let them go and look out for another jobs. We can still go back to NMJD to help us revive our darling Eastern Radio," one former Councillor said recently.

Courtesy: By Fayia Amara Fayia


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