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16th December 2018

"Northerners are not Haters of Bio, Mendes, or the SLPP," Ardent Party Fan Believes!

By Ahmed Bowling (30/11/18)

Our President's recent visits to Bombali and Tonkolili districts have nullify the gross misconceptions and misrepresentations today.


It shows the candid and distinct character of a people of nobility and humility. President Julius Maada Bio received a hero's welcome in the northern heartland. The turnout was unprecedented with a show of first class extraordinary cultural and traditional style jubilation.

The few sceptics who aimed for a zero turnout, marvelled with disbelief and have no choice but to accept the inevitable realities of life; thus, who God has bless, no man can curse. The tours in it's entirety were calm, successful and achievable. Thank God to the traditional heads and ordinary citizens who made a historic mark to welcome our leader, President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Our humble and unassuming president and man of the nation was revered and received in enviable grand style befitting the test of time, by disappointing those who felt Bombali and Tonkolili are unfriendly territories for President Bio's visit. Thank God, the president articulated and conducted himself in the best professional and statesmanship manner and excelled in a magnitude of unprecedented expectations.

Not only did he speak and treat everyone well, but delivered on his promises by commissioning a new state of the art clinic in the town of Songo and presented a considerable number of mobile clinical vans for hospitals in Bombali and Tonkolili districts respectively. (Photo: President Bio greets a student in Tonkolili).

Accordingly, many political pundits and analysts described President Bio with indicators of strength to lead and passion of love for his nation to the highest peak in contrast to the past NPRC Head of State (Bio). He is now mentioned to have a higher leadership acumen and a wealth of experience of fully understanding his people, the issues, the needs and solutions to the problems. He is graded to highly working on building the human talent and capacity an initiative which was long overdue.

Above all, President Bio believes more than ever that working together is the way forward and resists the culture of personal wealth grabbing. President Bio is preventing all Sierra Leoneans from a non-progressive nature of dependency and other failing attributes related laziness and cognitive imbalances.

He is determined to enrich his people with a muscle of self determination, self esteem and a nation meant to achieving an enviable economic and social security for the foreseeable future in the sub-region or the african continent at large. Let us view President Bio as a game starter and a game changer.

No more fighting one and other distinguished men and women, but let us all fight for good courses to better our beloved nation, the same way our president sees it fit in this 21 century. Thank you.

Courtesy: By Ahmed Bowling, Former Chairman Virginia Chapter SLPPNA


1958 -1980


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