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16th December 2018

Three Deaths in Fatal Crash as Jeep Ran in to Stationary Truck in Lunsar/Makeni Road! 

By a press release (29/11/18)

Three women have lost their lives in a gruesome road accident as a Nissan Jeep ran in to a stationary truck along the Lunsar and Makeni highway.


All happened on Saturday November 24 around 0800 hours when a fatal road accident involving a Nissan Path Finder Jeep with registration number ANA 558 collided against a stationary IVECO truck with registration number PRI 026 that unfortunately had mechanical problems along the Lunsar/Makeni highway. (Photo: Two dead women at the Makeni/Lunsar fatal accident).

Reports say the Nissan Jeep was driven by one Hassan Jalloh of No. 19 Fofanah Street Calaba Town whilst the parked Truck was driven by one Foday Conteh, Principal Officer attached to the Transport Section of the Correctional Service New England in Freetown. (Photo: Third dead lady after the Makeni/Lunsar accident).

Shortly before the fatal accident, eyewitnesses say the Iveco Truck was travelling from Freetown to Kamabai town. Upon reaching Hamdalai village along the Lunsar and Makeni highway at around 0300 hours, the vehicle developed a mechanical fault and the driver parked it near side of the road.

At 0600 hours in the morning as the Truck and passengers were waiting for the vehicle to be repaired, some of the passengers decided to sit nearby the road. That was when the Nissan Path Finder Jeep travelling from Lunsar heading towards Makeni suddenly ran into the rear of the Iveco truck.

Sadly and unfortunately for the truck passengers who were sitting on the road behind the stationary lveco Truck, the Jeep hit them fatally thus inflicting serious injuries that resulted to the deaths of three persons Mabinty Kamara, Theresa Brima and another named as Dora. (Photo: Deadly scene as Jeep rammed in stationery Truck).

The driver of the Nissan Path Finder also sustained injuries whilst five persons on board the Iveco Truck also sustained serious injuries and two with minor injuries. The injured were taken to the St. John of God hospital in Lunsar and they were issued with police medical request forms.

The fatally injured three women who lost their precious lives were reportedly taken to the Connaught Hospital in Freetown for post-mortem examination.

Courtesy: Salone Reflection Forum


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