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16th December 2018

China Nicki Donates Food, School Items to a Network Orphanage in Allen Town!

By Theresa Vamboi (29/11/18)

China Nicki has humbly donated food and school items to less privileged children at the Network for Children in Need Orphanage Home in Freetown.


The winner of the Big Sister Salone 2018 TV show, Haja Mariama Kamara aka China Nicki has proudly made her first donation since she won the reality show to the Network for Children in Need Orphanage Home, at Furniture Junction in Allen Town. (Photo: China Nicky, a pretty illiterate now helping the poor).

Reports say among the donated items include gallons of cooking oil, bags of onions, bags of rice, mayonnaise, cartons of milk, cartons of shortcake biscuits, books, packets of pens and pencils, packets of sweets, bundles of water etc.

Speaking to the orphan children China Nicki said she feels the pain for the orphans because she is also an orphan and therefore part of them as she lost her parents at a very tender age and knows how it feels to be an orphan.

She encouraged the children to be prayerful, attentive in their academic work, obedient and patient. She continued to say that children are blessings from the Lord and called on everyone not to forget the orphans because they are our future leaders and they will one fine day become people of importance to help the country and "so let us care for them, show them love and give them hope."

China Nicki added: "Let the orphans not be rejected by us." She said her burning desire now is to care for the less privileged and that she prays that God elevates her more and more so that she will support them.

In appreciation one of the orphans Titus Young, SSS 4 student thanked China Nicki and appreciated her for what she has done for them, saying God will bless her and elevate her more.

Madam Ina Maria Kamara, the Proprietress and Founder of the Network for Children in Need Orphanage and Head Teacher of the school named Ina Maria Preparatory & Primary School where the orphans are attending, said the home has 68 children boys and girls. She said they have constraints and that the school came first in the last NPSE.

The Head Teacher thanked China Nicki for the items saying they came in at the time they needed it most because they are facing serious challenges in supporting the children.

Ina Maria Kamara further said they are very happy as words cannot express how grateful they are to China Nicki for the items. She called on other people to come onboard to help feed and take care of these children because they are in dire need of support.

Courtesy: The Calabash Newspaper


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