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16th December 2018

3 Top Ladies Arrested and Detained by the SLPP Govt Without Bail in Freetown!

By a press release (28/11/18)

Sierra Leone is witnessing a strange phenomenon this week as three famous Sierra Leone ladies were detained by SLPP govt without bail.


The three arrested and detained in Freetown include, the former Deputy Health Minister under the APC government Madina Rahman and the first top female bank executive Dr. Mrs. Hassiatou Agbaje, the Legal Head at FIBank and the Head of Management Information Systems at FIBank, Mrs Catherine Kamara. Photo: Catherine Kamara).

Reports say the arrest and detention of Dr. Hassiatou resulted to the immediate closure of the FIBank and latest reports have confirmed that the bank has re-opened its doors again to the public. But customers of the First International Bank SL Limited are believed to have resorted to withdrawing massive sums of their monies since yesterday.

Reports say Catherine Kamara , the third to be picked up, was apprehended at home around 6am yesterday morning in the presence of her children. She was not reportedly told why she was arrested. The details in the Awareness Times newspaper regarding the full reports of the surprising arrests of the first two ladies Madina and Hassiatou below:

SLPP Government Detains Two Prominent Ladies during Period of 16-Days of Gender Activism!

From 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day is marked by the United Nations as the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. It is a period in which highest form of sensitivity is displayed towards women. (Photo: FIBANK boss Dr. Hassiatou).

It is this period in which the Government of Sierra Leone, under the ruling SLPP, has refused bail and locked up two strong women, Madam Madina Rahman, the former Deputy Health Minister and Dr. Mrs. Hassiatou Jalloh-Agbaje, the first woman to ever head a Bank in entire history of Sierra Leone.

Yesterday, Monday 26th November 2018 which was first weekday of 16-Days period, was marked by their arrests and detentions.​

Details for arresting Rahman is unknown whilst Hassiatou's "crime" is possibly the one as stated on a video release from Prof. Kallon, the Bank Governor. Kallon’s video has been called a chicanery, sparking anger.​ (Photo: Madina Rahman).

Meanwhile, Awareness Times has confirmed from sources that attempts made to secure Bail for the two women were rebuffed.​

'Orders from Above' ensured the ladies got refused bail. They have spent last night locked up by the Police. This is how Sierra Leone has commenced the 16-Days of Activism by refusing to grant bail to prominent women.​ We continue to record History for Posterity.

Courtesy: Awareness Times Newspaper (27/11/18)


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