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16th December 2018

"APC in a State of Panic after Maada's Heroic Welcome in Makeni," SLPP Fan!

By Mustapha M. Madhi (28/11/18)

The rousing welcome accorded President Julius Maada Bio in Makeni to thank those who voted for him or not, has surprised many cynics. 


We can acknowledge that the welcome he received from the people of Makeni in November 23, 2018 as part of his thank you nationwide tour is one of the best if not the best in contemporary presidential receptions we have covered. (Photo: President speaking in Makeni).

Graced by thousands of residents of Makeni, the programme was well organised with speaker after speaker either thanking the president for what he has achieved within a short period of time, or pleading with the president to add on the good things he has in store for Makeni, the north and the country as a whole.

Irrespective of their political beliefs, thousands came out to welcome Maada Bio to tell him thanks. The programme was climaxed by a touching speech given by a little girl thanking the president for the free education and how it has helped to ensure personal and national development.

And also the presentation of the ambulances which were redistributed across the country based on a quota system. Many of the ambulances were in bad shape but when the SLPP government took power they recalled, fixed and programmed the vehicles with effective emergency response systems.

Thousands of people who had wanted to see the president live stormed the famous Wusum Football Stadium to capacity. Others could not get in but stood patiently outside listening thanks to the loud speakers that reverberated the president's message. (Photo: Traditional Chiefs in attendance in Makeni).

In his maiden speech to the people of Makeni and the north in general, President Bio emphasised on three things namely Education, National Cohesion and Broad based Development. The composition, style and substance of the president's speech, had many in Makeni to have a rethink about embracing Maada Bio and his policies because according to them "it is all now about personal development."

This scenario has sent panic in the camp of the main opposition APC because they were not expecting this astonishing turn out for the SLPP leader. Prior to the president's visit, many APC operatives were on social media making incendiary statements urging the people of Makeni to either ignore President Bio or stage a huge demonstration against him.

But their inciting statements fell on deaf ears as thousands of people lined the streets from the outskirts of the town all the way to the Wusum Statdium. Many APC commentators are so mute after the rousing welcome that they believe these are early signs of 2023 problems for the APC.

This is an advice to the APC that you cannot incite one set of people against others. The people want to see pragmatic policies and not rhetorics. The people of Makeni, especially the young generation now have an understanding of governance issues and they can tell if a system is designed in the interest of the people.

They know President Julius Maada Bio is making the effort to improve the lives of the people. And this Makeni scenario, is this an early sign that 2023 elections is a lost cause for the APC? Time will tell.

Courtesy: By Mustapha Morie Madhi, ardent SLPP supporter


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