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16th December 2018

Maada's Entrance in to Makeni over the Weekend Depicts the Civil War Years!

By Dr. Sylvia Blyden (26/11/18)

Frankly, that convoy reminds us of our civil war years. Does that entry of President Bio into Makeni really depict a presidential entrance?


To understand how badly the country has retrogressed in the past eight months under President Julius Maada Bio's SLPP government, please try to locate and watch the 8 minutes video clip of Maada Bio's convoy descending on the peaceful city of Makeni. I watched it and I am shocked and dismayed. (Photo: Maada's convoy looks like war rebels).

It was like a rebel leader entering a town. The official traffic police advance sweeper vehicle was, as usual, leading the convoy in. But that's were normalcy ended in the lead of the convoy.

Riding alongside the traffic police vehicle was an accompaniment of rebel, sobel, lawless scenes beyond wildest imagination - right as part of a presidential convoy!

A Head of State of a democratic country with vehicles in his convoy that are breaking every single conceivable traffic law on the books and people say these are normal times? Honestly, that convoy reminds us of our civil war years. Does that entry of Bio into Makeni really depict a presidential entrance? (Photo: In Makeni, shocked by-standers watching a convoy with children in the truck). 

Soldiers in full uniforms, hanging dangerously off vehicles being driven in breach of every conceivable Traffic Law. There were even foreign number plates on the vehicles in the convoy with uniformed Sierra Leone soldiers hanging off those foreign number plated vehicles.

Vehicles with the car doors all yanked out, travelling at high speed - ironically, in the video is seen these extreme acts of traffic lawlessness being done alongside an official traffic police Jeep. This shows how much Law and Order has gone to brutish beasts.

The same President Julius Maada Bio who few months back issued a stern message against breach of Traffic Laws by government functionaries. Such hypocrisy!

As hypocritical as when President Bio speaks against Rape but fails to ensure justice for a woman from the main opposition APC party who got brutally gang-raped by his ruling SLPP supporters.

Worse of all is that at least one of the vehicles in the convoy had little children, dangerously boarded in open back of a truck being driven lawlessly and off which a soldier was also hanging dangerously! Why were little children loaded so dangerously on such a dangerous traffic gimmick? Is this how to protect our children?

The President's entry into Makeni was more like the entry of a lawless jungle rebel leader. And this is unfortunate and unforgivable of him. Sierra Leone does not deserve this. No, we don't Mr. President. Try get yourself out of that SOBEL mode. It should not be so difficult to transform into a genuinely democratic leader.

Plenty of us are FED-UP with these plenty unconstitutional, unlawful and reckless acts hovering over our national polity since you came to office. Folks don't want to tell you because they are scared of you and so they prefer to snicker behind your back. Allow me to say that your convoy was so disgusting, disheartening and unfair to our country's democratic image.

Your supporters say your convoy was like that because you felt insecure after utterances of Adebayo the social media commentator. However, our issue is not with the heavy security presence which you are fully entitled to if you feel insecure Your Excellency.

Our concern is with the legitimising of gross lawlessness and traffic recklessness as part of a presidential convoy. If such Rarray Boy behaviour in that convoy was meant to intimidate Makeni, it did not. It just served as yet another disgrace to Sierra Leone and we don't deserve it.

Good day to all Sierra Leoneans.

Courtesy: Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, OOR, Sunday November 25th 2018.


1958 -1980


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