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16th December 2018

Sierra Leone’s Hip Hop Star Kao Praises the Medicinal Use of Cannabis Sativa! 

By Ranger (25/11/18)

"Tampi Nar Merecine," that's how Sierra Leone singer Kao Denero described the medicinal value of cannabis in the local parlance.  


With the release of his latest song Green Gold, Sierra Leone’s Hip Hop star, Kao who also doubles as the CEO of the Black Leo Family, the biggest music record label in the country, explains about the medicinal value of marijuana, commonly known as ‘Tampi' in Sierra Leone. (Photo: Singer Kao Denero, face of cannabis).

Reports say musician Dennis Amara Turay, alias Kao Denero is expected to buttress his controversial support for cannabis use during the launching of his latest album on I-Tune at the National Stadium main bowl on 30th November 2018 in Freetown.

Speaking on the promotion of Medicinal Marijuana in his song, the musical maestro maintained that as it is a sponsored project by Sierra Pharma Tech, a research-based company dealing with the medicinal aspect of Marijuana, the music is to raise the awareness about the efficacy of the plant to treat many illnesses, which include epilepsy (fix), parkinson disease, acute pain, depression, cancer, nausea, etc.

Kao explained that he is not talking about the recreational smoking aspect, but rather about the medical benefits that the plant offers to mankind. Medical experts and scientists can attest to the efficacy of the drug in the treatment of various diseases, as can be seen by just visiting websites of scientific research institutions globally.

He added that other musical stars have joined the band wagon to preach about the medicinal value of the marijuana plant and how Sierra Leone will benefit economically from its cultivation under strict control and export.

It will also enhance the country’s international status as one of the world’s producers of medicinal marijuana and in time, create the hub for the establishment of a pharmaceutical company in the country, which will be producing drugs for use globally, effectively putting the country in the lime light of expert scientific researchers in the world.

In this way Sierra Leonean artists will be seen as the pioneers of prescribed medical issues in songs, but not reacreational smoking of cannabis sativa, an act that will rebrand the entertainment industry globally.

He stated that ailments previously viewed by locals as caused by witch-craft, have now been proven to be cured by this wonder plant, effectively dispelling the myth commonly held by people who have no knowledge about the medical aspect of such diseases and the particular treatment that could be administered to them to end this illness and the stigma associated with it by society.

Furthermore, he wishes to raise the awareness among critics of the use of the plant that medicinal marijuana is not prohibited by the country’s laws, as seen in the Pharmacy and Drugs Act of 2000. The Act exempts from prohibition the cultivation and export of this wonder plant for medicinal purpose and scientific research (albeit under strict control).

Black Leo Family in partnership with Sierra Pharma Tech (SPT) presents the launching of this musical icon’s latest album, ‘Last King’, which is also a launch song for mdical cannabis, a move which has made waves among music lovers as well as fans of this maestro, both within and out of the country.

It is worth noting that at a time when Hip Hop music was not known in the country, this musical ‘malaika’ took the bold step to popularise it nationwide, eventually being crowned as the King of Hip-Hop. He became hot in the market as his music could be heard even in commercial vehicles. His contribution towards maintaining peace in the country further earned him the respect of many of his fans and Sierra Leoneans.

Kao Denero made significant efforts in redefining the mind-set of the youths, as his lyrics sought to convince them to avoid the use of the ghettos and drugs, which will destroy their lives. He preached the theme of non-violence in his music throughout his decade long musical career. Working hard to change the face of the entertainment industry from negative to a positive one, Kao Denero last year, called on the government to put more focus on Tourism and the Entertainment industry, as it employs 50% of youths in the country and has the tendency to turn over the country’s economy. Today the New Direction has embraced this idea.

The Last King’s latest concert featuring his signal song ‘Green Gold’, will give Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to see Runtown, one of Nigeria’s finest artists on stage with their Sierra Leonean counterparts thrilling the crowd.

On the international scene, Kao Denero made history, being the only Sierra Leonean artist to sign for an American Record Label (Creative Music) based on the substance in the lyrics and his outstanding rhythmic skills. He has represented Sierra Leone in many international events and brought honour to the country.

This Hip Hop king has released two of the songs in this album, which immediately delighted his numerous music fans. As the show is scheduled to take place on the 30th November at the National Stadium, and on November 25th at Club 232, Aberdeen Beach (entrance at 232 is free); many Sierra Leoneans are eagerly waiting for the day and are counting the hours to the never to be forgotten musical extravaganza.


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