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16th December 2018

The Mongo Bendugu Agricultural School Wants Free Education Funding in Kabala!

By Ranger (22/11/18)

The Principal of Mongo Bendugu Agricultural Secondary School has appealed to the SLPP govt for funding to realise the free education dream.


Reports say the school Principal John Karifa Kamara has sent out a passionate appeal to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for funds so as to implement President Julius Maada Bio’s flagship Free Quality Education programme in the new Falaba District. (Photo: Education Minister Alpha Timbo must wake up to help Mongo Bendugu school now).

According to Mr. Kamara, the school is a government assisted Junior and Senior Secondary Schools with over 400 pupils in JSS and SSS. However, the school has not received any money as payment for fees for the pupils.

"We did all the necessary documentations," Mr. Kamara said, adding: "I've made several attempts, both in the Ministry of Education and at the Accountant General Department, but we are yet to receive any funding from the SLPP government."

Mr. Kamara noted that the Mongo Bendugu school is government approved with more than 10 Voluntary Community Teachers who get stipends from the school fees.

"I've managed to continue without money since school reopened but now it's difficult," the Mongo Bendugu school principal further appeals.

Independent political observers could not understand why some schools must appeal for funding to implement the much heralded government 'Free Education' programme. "Sierra Leoneans want to know if this dream is only for a selected few in the country," a critic opined.

Mongo is a chiefdom in Falaba District of Sierra Leone with a population of 29,294. Its principal town is Bendugu. The Chiefdoms of Sierra Leone are the third-level units of administration in Sierra Leone. There are government-recognised secondary schools including Mongo Bendugu school.


1958 -1980


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Sierra Leone Magistrates Get Tough on Women and 'Bombers': 'Ya Go Do'?

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