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16th December 2018

SLPP MPs Point Accusing Fingers at Finance Minister for Leaking a Vital Info!

By a press release (22/11/18)

SLPP MPs have openly expressed unhappiness over the negative attitude shown by Finance Minister regarding a recent leak allegation.


Reports say the unhappiness stems from the suspicion that the Minister or his agent(s) allegedly leaked the recent proposed welfare demands by the parliamentarians with the strong-arming technique to generate public disaffection. (Photo: Finance Minister JJ Saffa posed with IMF boss Christine Lagarde). A strongly worded letter of complaint, below, by angry SLPP members was addressed to the SLPP Chairman and Leader.

The Chairman and Leader,
Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP), Unity House
Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown

Dear Sir,


At the outset, permit me sir to express my high commendation for your leadership in steering the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) to a successful Presidential berth in the March 2018 polls; as much as congratulate you on your subsequent appointment as Chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM). I extend my sincere well wishes Sir.

As the Chairman and Leader of the political party in governance, I know you very much invested and interested in the successful implementation of the SLPP’s political programme encapsulated in the New Direction – People’s Manifesto. I am therefore certain you are seised of the recent developments between Members of our esteemed Parliament (MPs) and that of the Ministry of Finance, which is worrying to say the least.

On a personal note, I have taken the time to speak to some of our SLPP MPs, and the refrain from them is that they are unhappy with the conduct of the Minister of Finance, Mr. Jacob Jusu, who happens to be a strong member of our Party and former Secretary General. (Photo: The Sierra Leone Parliament in session).



Sir, the unhappiness stems from the suspicion that it is the Minister or his agent(s) who leaked the proposed welfare demands by the MPs, with the strong-arming technique to generate public disaffection.

Mr. Chairman and Leader, inference drawn by my humble self speaks to the fact that the demand by the MPs, through the Clerk of Parliament dated 5th November, 2018 addressed to Financial Secretary at the Ministry of Finance on salaries and wages of all Executive Appointees is a reprisal step with serious labour implications nationally.

Sir, as the party in governance, this back and forth apparent mind games being displayed by both sides is robbing the Government of the needed space and time to build on the ongoing delivery on the Campaign Promises. With utmost respect to the Members of Parliament representing the SLPP, the Party’s Constitution and (in fact), the 1991 Constitution is clear as to the powers of the Political Party on whose ticket a member is elected to the House.

Sir, it's no gainsaying that the President has already delivered on his Campaign Promise to the people of this realm. Sadly though, these successes are being underreported due to 'petty' issues that ought to have been handled with much more focus and finesse.

Sir, what is disturbing, disheartening, discomforting and distasteful is the fact that the opposition APC stands to benefit from it all. Certainly, the 2018 Finance Act and the Budget have lot of good news to be propagated out there to our people but for this unfortunate development.

Mr. Chairman and Leader, I am afraid to state that our Members of Parliament may as well be playing into the hands of an opposition that will stop at nothing to making sure our Party and Government fail. Sir, the proverbial ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’ becomes all but apparent in the circumstance.

In lieu of the above Sir, I beseech and entreat that you Call an Emergency Meeting National Executive Council (NEC) Meeting where all stakeholders would be invited to have a Family Talk so, that all are told to stay in line with the Party's interest which is to better the lot of the average Sierra Leonean.

I am grateful for your usual kind consideration.

Sincerely Yours
Jusu Kallon Esq.

Secretary General, SLPP
Head of Government Business, House of Parliament


1958 -1980


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