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16th December 2018

Sierra Leone Police Must be Proud of a Selfless Patriot like ASP Sheku Bangura!

By a press release (21/11/18)

Assistant Superintendent Sheku Alhaji Bangura of the Operational Support Division of the Police is a shining example of astute leadership.


Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio, in his dream to push forward the nation’s New Direction ambitions, the Assistant Superintendent Sheku Alhaji Bangura (photo) is clearly one of many Sierra Leoneans working in the public service who cares about the poor suffering masses and gearing to uplift the ordinary man and woman from poverty.

ASP Sheku Bangura, who heads the OSD at the Kissy Police Division in Freetown, is one that the SLPP government really needs according to independent observers. When he took over command, he found out that many of his men and women under his command deserted their posts. He tried to find out the cause. He saw that it was because of food. The men and women went on what the RUF rebels used to call 'food finding mission'.

Like a good leader, ASP Bangura found a way to get his head round the problem. He decided to dip into his own pocket to provide food for his men and women to stop them from abandoning their posts and as motivation also to take their work seriously.

ASP Sheku Bangura started his operation feed my men and women project with a bag of rice, palm oil, and money for the condiments. He enlisted the help of his female officers to do the cooking.

Every project that is successful must have a useful outcome. ASP Bangura reports that a week after initiating the feed project, none of his personnel abandoned their offices throughout the week.

Now he has decided to improve on their services by providing bags of rice every two weeks from his own personnel pocket. Additional, he has worked to improve the working conditions of his staff.

This newspaper decided to highlight this story not so much to promote ASP Sheku Bangura’s noble sacrifice on behalf of his personnel, but to motivate other Sierra Leone leaders in their different capacities to always put the welfare of their disciples and followers (like Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohamed did) ahead of their personal interests.

That is why many observers think President Bio and his government need to secure the likes of ASP Sheku Bangura to really recognise him and to act as incentive to inspire other Sierra Leoneans. ASP Sheku Alhaji Bangura. Keep up the good work.

Courtesy: The Calabash Newspaper


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