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14th December 2018

Passports Saga! Why National Interest Must Always Supersede Personal Interests!!

By Mahmud Kargbo (19/11/18)

Many Sierra Leoneans believe the passport contract done by previous APC government is exploitative in all fronts and a security risk.


As it was meant to line the pockets of certain government officials in the past APC government. As rationally minded nationals, we must establish clearly that its incumbent upon the current Julius Maada Bio government to revisit, amend or even terminate ALL CONTRACTS done by the previous regime especially if they ascertained they are not in the interest of the state and its people. (Photo: The Sierra Leone passport has been misused and abused over the years by different governments).

As a matter of very important fact, this was one of the reasons why nationals voted for change. Current set of parliamentarians must be seen representing their people and the country sincerely as oppose to their personal interest.

Let me clearly caution here that if the government of President Bio ascertained a specific contract isn’t in the interest of the State and they want to terminate it; they must do so respecting the established procedures set to terminate such rogue contracts.

As patriotic nationals, we must not encourage our present set of politicians to sustain the wrong actions of the past regime. They must use the wrongs of the previous regime as a learning process in order to effect the peaceful positive change the people voted for.

Sadly, though not officially confirmed, I understand that even those that are pushing for the termination of the present passport contracts aren’t doing so in the interest of the State and it’s people.

I understand that certain government officials that want to terminate the present passport contracts want to engage in the dirty business of selling our passports to Asian nationals.

I'm told with the current owner of the contract (Thomas De la Rue), it will be impossible for these set of rogue government officials to order them to print excess amount of passports to satisfy their rogue plans.

If this information is anything to go by, if the current set of rogue plans against the nation are to succeed, our passports will be in the hands of international rogues.

If swift and appropriate measures aren’t put in place NOW whilst handling this whole passport saga investigation, I'm afraid our passports will fall on the wrong hands.

Hope the SLPP government will deal with this situation as soon as possible with a nationalistic sense of purpose to curb this disgraceful menace once and for all.

Courtesy: By Mahmud Tim Kargbo


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