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14th December 2018

APC Fan Dubbs APC Leaders "Useless" as Lawyer Ady Defends Detained Soldiers! 

By a press release (18/11/18)

APC heavyweight has fingered her beloved APC party for snubbing the unlawful detention of three military officers by the ruling SLPP govt.


Reports say the former APC Social Welfare Minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden and the former Anti-Corruption Chairman Ady Macaulay have both expressed unhappiness for the recent unlawful detention of three military officers in Freetown. (Photo: The three soldiers presently detained in Sierra Leone).

Dr. Sylvia Blyden writes: Many Sierra Leone security personnel are being intimidated. Some get picked up, detained for no reason and then released with no questions asked. Sylvia dubbed APC leaders as selfish and useless.

The most nasty case is that of SL1246 Captain Patrick Edwin Kamara (aged 38 years) & two others of former President’s Guards namely RSLAF18165301 WO1 Samuel Conteh (aged 51 years) and RSLAF18167256 WO2 Abu-Bakarr Jalloh (aged 45 years).

They were picked up on orders of President Julius Maada Bio led SLPP regime in June 2018. They are still in detention, almost 150 days since they were arrested and kept like animals in filthy cells without any trial.​

British Government is worried over human rights abuses like intimidation and detention of military officers. However, many wonder as to why main opposition APC party with huge majority of 68 seats in Parliament, can’t raise their voices to question so many of such human rights abuses as well as growing reports of blatant corruption.​ (Photo: Sylvia Blyden).

It seems my beloved APC party only raises voices when it concerns maintaining the Passport deals they signed! I am ashamed of leadership of Ernest Koroma and ashamed of Parliamentary leadership of Chernoh Bah and I.B. Kargbo. They seem selfish. Frankly, they need to convince us that they are not quite useless.​

Courtesy: By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR

Ady Macaulay Challenges the Unconstitutional Detention of Captain Patrick Kamara and Two Other Military Personnel!

Prominent Freetown lawyer Ady Macaulay Esq. has just informed that he will be left with no option but to take the Government to court on behalf of Military Captain Patrick Edwin Kamara and two other military personnel who have been detained now without trial for more than 150 days. The officers have not even being told what crimes they allegedly committed that caused them to be locked up.

Lawyer Ady Macaulay also confirmed to Awareness Times Newspaper that after several days of bureaucracy, he has this morning of Friday November 16th 2018, finally been granted access to see Captain Kamara, WO1 Conteh and WO2 Jalloh at the location they are being detained.

Ady Macaulay said his clients had lost a lot of weight. He said the photos recently published by Awareness Times Newspaper were not recent photos. He said the condition of the three men look much worse now. He described them as being "gaunt".

"My clients look gaunt and badly fed. The good news though is that they are in good spirits, courageous and were happy to see me. Detaining them like that without charge or bail is completely unconstitutional. I have today written a letter to the relevant Police authority as it is the Police who are investigating the Military Officers. Copies of the letter to the Police have been sent to remind all concerned about the constitutional provisions. If the illegal and unconstitutional detentions continue then I am all set to head to the Courts to challenge this. The rule of law must reign supreme!" Ady Macaulay, photo below, asserted.

Noteworthy is that amongst those copied to be reminded of the unconstitutional nature of the detentions, is President Bio as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

Wife of Captain Patrick Kamara, Mrs. Haja Patrick-Kamara has also confirmed that herself and the other two wives, Mrs. Fatmata Jalloh and Mrs. Agnes Conteh together with all family members are very grateful to Ady Macaulay Esq. for stepping up to challenge the detentions without trial.

"He did not collect a single penny from us. He said he feels very frustrated at the way the rule of law is not being applied in the detention of my husband and the other two officers. Only the Almighty can repay him," Mrs. Haja Patrick-Kamara said.

There have been a string of concerns over constitutional and human rights abuses of the current SLPP led regime but there is no functional Human Rights Commission inside Sierra Leone. It was one of the first entities impugned by President Bio. There was a loud international outcry when Commissioners of the Human Rights Commission got removed by President Bio. It had all fallen on deaf ears.

Whether Ady Macaulay's letter to the authorities will yield any dividend remains to be seen. Lawyer Macaulay however says he is determined to take the matter to Court if the illegal detentions continue.

Courtesy: Awareness Times Newspaper - Friday November 16th 2018


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