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14th December 2018

NCP 2017 Report on the Short, Medium and Long Term Goals to Attract Private Capital!

By a press release (18/11/18)

The National Commission for Privatisation NCP 2017 Report on the short, medium and long term goals to attracting private capital finalised.


Reports say the NCP Chairman, Mr. Umaru Napoleon Koroma presented the 2017 Annual Report to President Julius Maada Bio at a short ceremony held at State House on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 in Freetown. (Photo: President Bio receiving the NCP 2017 Report from Napoleon Koroma, right).

Presenting the 33 page report, Napoleon Koroma said the document provides an overview of the Commission’s activities as they relate to the reform and divestiture of Public Enterprises in Sierra Leone over the years.

Proposed activities encapsulated under the Transport, Telecommunications, Financial, General and Commercial sectors, according to the NCP Chairman were also highlighted in the report.

"Under the supervision of your office, the Commission has developed a strategic plan that invariably seeks to address the short, medium and long term goals of attracting private capital to drive economic growth.

"When I assumed office in June this year, the NCP Secretariat was putting together a privatisation strategy of some key parastatals. I called for a review of this strategy to include a sectorial approach for investment to maximise returns and thankfully, we are pretty much on track.

"The strategy itself has been realigned with government's development policies and adapted to the New Direction's framework for efficient service delivery in the public sector," Napoleon noted.

In his remarks, President Bio thanked the NCP Chairman and his team and entreated them to work harder in fulfilling the mandate of the Commission. On the divestiture process, the President said it is important to retain government interest in some parastatals. "I believe that some of them need to go and some need to stay," Maada Bio concluded.

The Sierra Leone President reaffirmed his government’s commitment to depoliticise state institutions to enhance efficient service delivery.

Courtesy: NCP Communications, 4th & 5th Floors, Lotto Building Tower Hill, Freetown Freetown - 13th November 2018.


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